Stats for Andy G (#6 - 2378 pts)

Tournaments played8
Tournaments won0 (0.00%)
World cups played2
Games played129
Games won85 (65.89%)
Games drawn11 (8.53%)
Games lost33 (25.58%)
Goals for711 (5.51)
Goals against450 (3.49)
Last tournamentWorld Cup XII (11/17/2012)
Games per month in the last year7.50
1st easiest opponentMarco M (vs)
2nd easiest opponentKostas Ka (vs)
3rd easiest opponentMichele L (vs)
1st hardest opponentSandro T (vs)
2nd hardest opponentJames B (vs)
3rd hardest opponentDagh N (vs)
Easiest opponent for0 player(s)
Hardest opponent for9 player(s)
Different opponents49
Opponents' countries10
Most frequent opponentSteve E (8 games) (vs)
Total clean sheets10 (7.75%)
No goals scored1 (0.78%)
Scored double figures11 (8.53%)
Conceded double figures2 (1.55%)
Biggest winKostas Ka - Andy G: 0 - 15
Biggest defeatAndy G - Dagh N: 0 - 8
Danger rating0.18

Game List

Team ATeam BABTournament
Andy GGarry C63London XXIII
Andy GAndy H22London XXIII
Andy GGlenn L23London XXIII
Andy GRobert S74London XXIII
Andy GAlex B34London XXIII
Andy GAlessandro V25London XXIII
Andy GDarren G20London XXIII
Andy GSandro T49London XXIII
Andy GSteve E33London XXIII
Andy GDagh N39London XXIII
Andy GJohn H65London XXIII
Andy GSimon K62London XXIII
Mark EAndy G14London XXIII
Gianni TAndy G102London XXIII
Pedro QAndy G16London XXIII
Volker BAndy G66London XXIII
James BAndy G62London XXIII
Panayotis PAndy G41London XXIII
Thorsten BAndy G22London XXIII
Andy EAndy G03London XXIII
Klaus LoAndy G54London XXIII
Rodolfo MAndy G44London XXIII
Flavio ZAndy G13London XXIII
Jon GAndy G32London XXIII
Andy GGrant N50Birmingham XIV
Andy GMandhir S54Birmingham XIV
Andy GGarry C73Birmingham XIV
Andy GSteve E28Birmingham XIV
Andy GSteve C67Birmingham XIV
Andy GAndy H61Birmingham XIV
Ren AAndy G04Birmingham XIV
Martin BAndy G35Birmingham XIV
Andy EAndy G15Birmingham XIV
Jon GAndy G52Birmingham XIV
Robert SAndy G43Birmingham XIV
Simon KAndy G42Birmingham XIV
Graham SAndy G05Birmingham XIV
Andy GSteve E36Birmingham XIV Gold Cup
Simon KAndy G26Birmingham XIV Gold Cup
Andy GJames Bu91World Cup XI
Andy GOliver St48World Cup XI
Andy GJorg P73World Cup XI
Andy GThomas N51World Cup XI
Andy GLorenzo C44World Cup XI
Andy GSteve S61World Cup XI
Andy GEktoras K74World Cup XI
Andy GRodolfo M80World Cup XI
Andy GGeorge Ka84World Cup XI
Andy GSteve C64World Cup XI
Andy GAlkis P48World Cup XI
Andy GLorenzo C33World Cup XI
Andy GOliver St85World Cup XI
Andy GJon G83World Cup XI
Andy GAlkis P85World Cup XI
Andy GLorenzo C43World Cup XI
Rodolfo MAndy G15World Cup XI
James BuAndy G26World Cup XI
Oliver StAndy G75World Cup XI
Jorg PAndy G311World Cup XI
Thomas NAndy G47World Cup XI
Lorenzo CAndy G02World Cup XI
Steve SAndy G15World Cup XI
Ektoras KAndy G67World Cup XI
Steve EAndy G54World Cup XI
Ektoras KAndy G35World Cup XI
Jon GAndy G45World Cup XI
Alkis PAndy G84World Cup XI
Andy GDagh N46Bournemouth I
Andy GSteve C53Bournemouth I
Simon KAndy G23Bournemouth I
Garry CAndy G24Bournemouth I
Mark WAndy G312Bournemouth I
Steve EAndy G105Bournemouth I
Simon KAndy G26Bournemouth II
Garry CAndy G22Bournemouth II
Andy GDagh N55Bournemouth III
Andy GMark W50Bournemouth III
Andy GSimon B111Bournemouth III
Andy GSteve E56Bournemouth III
Garry CAndy G13Bournemouth III
Robert SAndy G54Bournemouth III
Simon KAndy G36Bournemouth III
Steve CAndy G56Bournemouth III
Andy GSimon K51Bournemouth IV
Andy GRobert S54Bournemouth IV
Andy GSimon B65Bournemouth IV
Andy GSteve C45Bournemouth IV
Andy GDagh N47Bournemouth IV
Andy GMark W53Bournemouth IV
Andy GGarry C82Bournemouth IV
Andy GSteve E74Bournemouth IV
Dagh NAndy G97Bournemouth IV
Mark WAndy G47Bournemouth IV
Garry CAndy G12Bournemouth IV
Steve EAndy G27Bournemouth IV
Simon KAndy G18Bournemouth IV
Robert SAndy G25Bournemouth IV
Simon BAndy G56Bournemouth IV
Steve CAndy G46Bournemouth IV
Andy GJorn F114World Cup XII
Andy GMichael Ma113World Cup XII
Andy GRodolfo M71World Cup XII
Andy GThomas N71World Cup XII
Andy GKostas Ka51World Cup XII
Andy GMarco M122World Cup XII
Andy GAlessandro V42World Cup XII
Andy GAlkis P66World Cup XII
Andy GMichele L111World Cup XII
Andy GPanayotis P103World Cup XII
Andy GFabio F45World Cup XII
Andy GSteve C81World Cup XII
Andy GMario F84World Cup XII
Andy GDagh N08World Cup XII
Kostas KaAndy G015World Cup XII
Marco MAndy G011World Cup XII
Alessandro VAndy G36World Cup XII
Alkis PAndy G63World Cup XII
Michele LAndy G311World Cup XII
Jorn FAndy G29World Cup XII
Michael MaAndy G15World Cup XII
Rodolfo MAndy G47World Cup XII
Thomas NAndy G16World Cup XII
Oliver StAndy G47World Cup XII
Luigi FAndy G36World Cup XII
Alessandro VAndy G47World Cup XII
Gianni TAndy G85World Cup XII
Mario FAndy G36World Cup XII
Dagh NAndy G54World Cup XII
Gianni TAndy G55World Cup XII

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Most frequent opponents

Simon K8vs
Steve E8vs
Dagh N7vs
Garry C7vs
Steve C7vs
Alkis P5vs
Robert S5vs
Rodolfo M5vs
Alessandro V4vs
Jon G4vs