:) Just experienced a great bug in KO2 HD-version

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Postby Riempie » Wed Nov 21, 2001 9:33 pm

I never saw this before and I doubt if I'll ever see it again. MrDig was playing a game and suddenly he could walk over the lines with the ball. He could even shoot the ball behind the goal and still he could go on. This happened all over the field. Also when he made a goal, the game didn't see it as a goal, the ball was lying in the goal and he still could continue play... Very strange, but funny...
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Postby Calimero » Wed Nov 21, 2001 10:06 pm

It's not a bug, I think the ref was taking a piss!
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Postby VKafiris » Thu Nov 22, 2001 8:33 am

It has happened to me at least 10 times during the past 11 years. It's not realy a bug but an attempt by Steve to make us angry. <IMG SRC="/phpBB/images/smiles/icon_lol.gif">
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Postby Hausmann Helmut » Thu Nov 22, 2001 10:44 am

oh, funny <IMG SRC="/phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif"> <IMG SRC="/phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif">
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Postby Danny D » Sat Nov 24, 2001 11:01 pm

Hmmm, never noticed this.
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Postby Guest » Mon Dec 17, 2001 11:14 am

That have happened to me many times. The most intresting part is that when it happens behind the goal there is a big chance that you will score if you try to hit the ball.

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