German Championships 2013 in Volkenrath (La Preux) 16/11/13

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Oliver St
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German Championships 2013 in Volkenrath (La Preux) 16/11/13

Postby Oliver St » Sun Nov 17, 2013 1:23 pm

I am very proud to anounce that we finally made it to play a propper german champs tournament featuring the probably best german players. For a long time it seemed like nobody was really interested neither in hosting nor in playing the german championship. First I wanted to organise a tournament at quite a large venue in case 10 or more players would have attended. But then only my local mates like Freddy, Cornelius and Dirk explained themself to be most likely available. So I decided to at least host a small end year tournament at La Preux. Then on very short notice Frank and Thorsten changed their minds and suddenly wanted to attend and along with them Jan K would follow. This amazing news made me very happy since with all these players we could call this tournament a propper german championship. It was only last week when my old schoolmate Martin M, who I already played in Kick Off 1 back in 1989, called me to confirm his attendendance, too.

Having exactly 8 players in the tournament we could play a nice format similar to the first round of the Voitsberg world cup. We played a one leg first round in league mode and proceeded with a quarter finals knock out stage (1st vs 8th, 2nd vs 7th eth.). I originally wanted to play the knock out games in a 2 leg mode but due to lack of time we kept all these games to 1 leg including the final.

Even though Dirk and Freddy were tough opponents Frank and me finally reached the final in which I came of as a lucky winner in probably the closest final we ever had at a german championship. Dirk could prove his progress that he made due to the frequent games with me by leaving Thorsten and Cornelius behind in the end. He even caused some trouble to Frank in their semifinal game which ended with a 3-1 win for Frank who surely aimed and hoped for a clearer win. I am very happy for my friend Martin who could prevail against Jan in the game for position 7 by winning 1-0 which was the same result they had in their first round game. Freddy showed his usual strength by securing the 3rd place against Dirk. The game for position 5 between Cornelius was the closest and most exciting of the whole tournament. It was 2-2 after regular time, 3-3 after extra time and Cornelius finally won 8-7 on penalty shootout.

Here are all the results:

Oliver St 20 - 0 Martin M
Dirk B 3 - 1 Jan K
Cornelius H 4 - 2 Frederic B
Thorsten B 1 - 6 Frank F
Dirk B 2 - 7 Oliver St
Cornelius H 5 - 0 Martin M
Thorsten B 7 - 0 Jan K
Frank F 3 - 2 Frederic B
Oliver St 12 - 0 Cornelius H
Thorsten B 1 - 1 Dirk B
Frank F 7 - 0 Martin M
Frederic B 6 - 1 Jan K
Thorsten B 2 - 5 Oliver St
Frank F 9 - 2 Cornelius H
Frederic B 5 - 3 Dirk B
Jan K 0 - 1 Martin M
Oliver St 4 - 1 Frank F
Frederic B 3 - 2 Thorsten B
Jan K 0 - 7 Cornelius H
Martin M 0 - 2 Dirk B
Frederic B 0 - 8 Oliver St
Jan K 0 - 9 Frank F
Martin M 1 - 4 Thorsten B
Dirk B 4 - 5 Cornelius H
Oliver St 12 - 0 Jan K
Martin M 0 - 5 Frederic B
Dirk B 1 - 5 Frank F
Cornelius H 3 - 3 Thorsten B


Quarter finals:

Oliver St 13 - 0 Jan K
Frank F 10 - 0 Martin M
Cornelius H 3 - 7 Dirk B
Frederic B 2 - 1 Thorsten B

Play down games:

Thorsten B 8 - 0 Jan K
Cornelius H 6 - 0 Martin M

Game for position 7:

Jan K 0 - 1 Martin M

Game for position 5:

Thorsten B 7 - 8 Cornelius H (2-2 after regular time, 3-3 after extra time)


Frederic B 5 - 9 Oliver St
Frank F 3 - 1 Dirk B

Game for position 3:

Frederic B 6 - 1 Dirk B


Oliver St 5 - 4 Frank F
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Sv: German Championships 2013 in Volkenrath (La Preux) 16/11

Postby Freshmaker » Sun Nov 17, 2013 2:44 pm

Congratulations Oliver. Great performance by Frank as well. Sure hope to see you guys next year :-)

Oliver St wrote:Oliver St 20 - 0 Martin M

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Re: German Championships 2013 in Volkenrath (La Preux) 16/11

Postby Rodolfo » Sun Nov 17, 2013 3:24 pm

Congratulations to Oliver for this great victory!

It is good to see that we are recovering some dear old players :)

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Re: German Championships 2013 in Volkenrath (La Preux) 16/11

Postby Torchiador » Sun Nov 17, 2013 9:20 pm

Congratulation Oliver! difficult victory with Frank! well done to him too!
I'm glad to see also Thorsten, Cornelius and Fredric back in action and Jan too!!!
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Re: German Championships 2013 in Volkenrath (La Preux) 16/11

Postby Logos » Mon Nov 18, 2013 10:22 am

What Gianni said!

Congratulations Champ!

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