Passing - the secret file

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Passing - the secret file

Postby dnielsen » Sun May 01, 2011 11:14 pm


In this tutorial, you will learn how to control the height of your shots without using lob-aftertouch.

Let's get right to the point: Aftertouch applies in all 8 joystick directions after a shot.

And let's get one thing out of the way right away: If you are running upwards, shoot, and then pull downwards (either diagonally or straight), then we will call this lob-aftertouch. We will not use any lob-aftertouch whatsoever in this tutorial at all. Lobs are filthy! All shots here are clean as snow.

Also, let's agree on the following: The length of the button push has no influence whatsoever on the nature of a shot.

And finally: There is some initial randomness in the direction of a shot. This randomness applies to all three dimensions. The worse shooting skill a player has, the more randomness will be applied. We will take this randomness for granted. This tutorial deals with the shot-control we have on top of this randomness.

Chapter one - the plot is revealed

The 6 clips in this chapter have been recorded in WinUAE using a save-state. This means that they all start from exactly the same situation, and the shots in the clips have identical randomness. I have chosen a save-state where there is no up-pitch/down-pitch adjustment to the shot.

Make notice again: The shots are completely identical in terms of their speed/direction when the ball is kicked.

In the first clip, I shoot to the left and keep my joystick in the shooting direction after the shot. You can see the joystick states in the top right corner.

The shot seems rather flat. This is because we added aftertouch to the shot! Instead of making a lob-aftertouch, we did the opposite! We quickly decreased the z-direction of the shot by holding our joystick to the left after the shot.

Now let's see what happens when we center our joystick right after the shot. That is, when we do not add any aftertouch at all:

Here, the shot had a significantly longer flight in the air before bouncing on the ground. The shot reaches a bigger height since we did not apply any "anti-lob" aftertouch.

Notice also how this second shot goes further than the first shot after the pitch-wall bounce. The is because the first shot was slowed down sooner by the ground friction.

OK, we already learned some important stuff by now: We can actually avoid making a shot flat by centering our joystick immediately after the shot!

Now, let's add a little twist: We kick the ball while it already has some height. We can add this height by making a few quick dribble taps (but it could also be the result of us receiving the ball while it has some height etc.).

You can see how the ball becomes bigger for a brief while, while it kept the same size in the first two clips. The ball simply reaches a bigger height and goes further than in the first two clips. Note that we did not use any aftertouch at all for this shot!

With this first secret revealed, let's reveal one more, as shown in the next three clips.

We probably all instinctivly know that curled shots tend to be flat. This is actually because we combine the side-ways aftertouch with anti-lob aftertouch!

Let's see a typical curled shot in action.

Notice how the joystick is held diagonally left/up after the shot. The "left" adds anti-lob aftertouch, making the shot flat, while the "up" adds sideways curl.

With this in mind, let's try to curl the ball without decreasing the height of the shot. We can do this by moving the joystick upwards right after the shot, but not left. So, we make a 90 degrees turn with the joystick right after the shot instead of only a 45 degrees turn.

The ball stayed in the air for a bit longer since we did not use anti-lob aftertouch.

Finally, let's try to make a "curled cross" where we add some height to the ball before kicking it and curling it with a 90 degrees turn.

Chapter two - let's do some damage

Let's first see how we can make a Camber/Nikos goal without using lob-aftertouch. The ball first gets some height from the dribble taps, and then we make sure to center the joystick right after the shot so that we don't apply anti-lob aftertouch.

We can also make a vertical lob-like shot. Again, we do not apply any aftertouch at all here, we just make sure to center the joystick right after the shot (actually before the shot, but it's the same, that is, no aftertouch!).

But what has all this got to do with passing? Well, first of all, we can make short crosses and head the ball in. Even though we don't use aftertouch, the ball has enough height from the dribble-taps. We just have to center the joystick after the shot!

Here is a lateral cross. Notice how the joystick is centered for a brief while immediately after the shot before we move Nicholls into position for the header.

Sometimes we may not have a free path near the by-line, but then we can make a curled cross instead. The key here is to only move the joystick up, curling the ball, instead of "up and right", which would result in a flat curled shot.

We can also shoot from a fit farther away and then make a volley at the far post.

Final remarks

Above, we have seen some standard situations where we benefit from being able to make a "low lob" by avoiding anti-lob aftertouch. But we can apply this all over the field.

- when we want to beat Cox with a shot that can't be trap-intercepted because it is just slightly too high for him.

- when we want to make a fast and low "lob" down the wing, just barely beating the full-back.

- etc.

Conversely, we can make sure to make a flat shot, for instance when we make a diagonal shot for the near post (without having enticed Fisher out yet), then we will remember to keep the joystick in the diagonal also after the shot (Fisher doesn't like flat shots at the post).
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Re: Passing - the secret file

Postby Steve Camber » Mon May 02, 2011 1:57 pm

Excellent tutorial!

I'm personally loving the 720 degree spin in part 6 :)
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Re: Passing - the secret file

Postby Abyss » Mon May 02, 2011 2:34 pm

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Re: Passing - the secret file

Postby gdh82 » Mon May 02, 2011 6:32 pm

Wow! Elite analysis and presentation. Great to see the KO2-Master Dagh not only exploring these hidden aspects but sharing his findings with all of us! 8)
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Re: Passing - the secret file

Postby Torchiador » Mon May 02, 2011 9:54 pm

Quite interesting! Now I understand better how the short range lob works, above all the Nikos goal.
interesting also the matter about no 45° joy input to avoid anti lob effect.
Thanks for sharing!

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