help with kaillera

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help with kaillera

Postby RnR-NSuSi » Wed May 26, 2004 4:29 pm

can anybody help me gettin a ko2 match online with the kaillera uae... i have downloaded and installed the software and all the roms but i can figure out how to connect ..
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Postby durban » Wed May 26, 2004 4:31 pm

Open WinUAEKailerra

You may need to change the config in 'Game and I/O Ports' but this can be done during a game

Click on the Kailerra Tab on the top menu then click on the connect button.

This will pop open a new window.

It should then ping as many servers as it can find, sort them by ping to find the best for you.

Ensure you can talk to your opponent and also make sure you chose a server that is good for you both.

Double click on the server name (or highlight it and click connect)

This takes you to the servers chat room

The top window shows chat,
the side window lists all active users on that server.
The bottom window shows all active games.

One of you has to create a new ko2 game, to do this click on 'Create new Game'

Normally this would bring up a small drop down menu to the side, but in the ko2 build you will just see an '*', move your mouse over this and another '*' Will appear.

Click on this second '*' and it will open a new window in place of the 'current games' window.

Your opponent should then see your game appear in the 'current games' windows as KickOff 2 (or something similar)

You can chat in this new window (once you have both joined) and the person who 'created' the game can start it by clicking on Start game.

This will boot up KO2.

If you have any problems you can amend the controls by clicking opening the UAE window and changing the controls in there.

If the connection drops you should see either the message 'connection dropped' or 'user dropped' or 'waiting for other player' appear on screen.

If you can chat to each other it means you are 'alive' and ready to go.....(use F11 to send a message....)

Good luck...
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