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Error requesting serverlist

Posted: Wed Oct 15, 2003 5:04 pm
by GoodoldAmiga
When I try Kaillera I get "Error requesting serverlist" message.
Any idea what maybe causing this problem/is there a way to solve this?

Posted: Wed Oct 15, 2003 7:24 pm
by durban
Either a firewall issue or the actual server service may be down.

Is it the kailerra from the site you are using?

Try again at a later time, if I get a chance I will have a look tonight mate :)


Posted: Wed Oct 15, 2003 7:52 pm
by elancourt
Hey durbs :wink:

The actuel site kaillera was ok , i was in when goldamiga wanted to enter.


Posted: Wed Oct 15, 2003 8:03 pm
by GoodoldAmiga
Yes, it is propably firewall...that´s stopping my fun.
Do you know IP address of any server?
I was just thinking if it would connect to the actual server by entering its address...
if not, then i´ll have to wait few weeks when I move to new place, and get better connection.