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Posted: Thu Jul 31, 2003 1:06 pm
by Freshmaker
FArtuso wrote:The ping is not the transfer-rate...
Think of your computer trying to connect to a server...your computer sends a request on the net looking for that server...the ping is the time difference between the moment when the request is sent by your computer and the moment when the server reply to the request...107 does it means 107 ms (milli-seconds)..

hey Jorn, what a start!! an away win in Oslo against Valerenga...but what a match, i saw the highlights on the web-tv...both our and their players were very nervous!!!
So, now let's thrash Lyn :lol:

So, in other words; I'm just to fucking far away. I knew it. I never should've let that woman drag me all the fucking way up here. So in otherwords it wont help me to upgrade my adsl-line?

I was at Alfheim and saw Tromsø loose for Aalesund. Sweeeeeeeet. While Brann knuckled Lyn 4-1. :mrgreen:

Posted: Thu Jul 31, 2003 1:07 pm
by manicx
Guys, which version do you use for Kailerra? I mean can u use the original CAPS images? If not, I found FW version 1.8e! It boots without the Kick Off 2 disk, has no PBD and I think the tactics work fine (it's not always 4-2-4 - although in the line up screen you don't see the tactics change)...

Posted: Thu Jul 31, 2003 1:12 pm
by durban

If we can get the caps version running as a standalone ADF File then it can be used in Kailerra.

However because of the way the world works we are using ORacle FFS!!!

As foir FW again, it has to be a standalone ADF file as Kailerra cannot handle the CAPS library stuff.


Posted: Thu Jul 31, 2003 1:21 pm
by manicx
So, you are not using winUAE (public release) but a modified version (?) of it. In this case I recommend using FW 1.8e. I can upload this if you want to...

Posted: Thu Jul 31, 2003 1:26 pm
by Davetoast
Will I be able to use winning tactics on kailerra?

Posted: Thu Jul 31, 2003 1:26 pm
by durban
Manicx its hard to explain.

The Kailerra UAE is indeed a modified version of UAE (it doesn't run as an addon its a standalone application so is only updated when the author gets round to updating it!)

As for FW please upload it to the Badger-soft site if you can mate.

However, because of the way the author has set up Kaillera just for koanet I will need to create a config file to use anything other than ko2.

I have done this for sensi, it takes a little time but I should be able to sort it out for FW.


Posted: Thu Jul 31, 2003 1:33 pm
by Davetoast
Yeah but what about the tactics. It might as well be KO2 without them.

Posted: Thu Jul 31, 2003 1:42 pm
by manicx
here it is...

Posted: Thu Jul 31, 2003 1:47 pm
by durban
You greeks are going to have to stop creating extra directories on Badger-soft ffs !!!!

You bastards!!!