Fillipo - Where are the Germans?

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Fillipo - Where are the Germans?

Postby durban » Mon Jun 23, 2003 12:04 pm

Fillipo, the other day I saw about 3 germans on the site chatting to you and I seem to recall they were going to sign up and bring a few others as well...

Any news mate?

Oh well we are at least at 26 members, although only 8 seem to be active regularly :(

No longer the only UK based Liverpool, Nottingham Forest and Crewe supporter in the whole of the KOA!!!
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Postby filippodb » Mon Jun 23, 2003 3:04 pm

The same germans that made the 30+ tournamets are going to join the koa:.:net, not all of them have DSL and anyway there's always some scepticism around the netplay, so we need to convince them all that playing with winuae-kaillera is almost the same experience as to play with an old Amiga!
We've only to wait and they'll slowly join and play the league.
We made some matches but we didn't record them in the league because they need also the adaptor for theyr amiga stick.
When the new USB adaptor will be available so we'll have plenty of new players.
Also a few new italian players are waiting for their new dsl internet connection and for new kick off games!
We're growing, slowly but we're growing! :wink:

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