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koa:.:net corrections

Postby filippodb » Thu Jun 05, 2003 12:23 pm

We have 15 members now but still 4 active, anyone want to start to play on-line now? I hope to convince gianluca and few other italian players to start the on-line league, now we have a very fast and stable software to reach a perfect KO2 on-line game!

Please correct in the news page:
This is the Site where you can participate in a KO2 online league.


This is the Site where you can participate in a Kick Off 2 online league.

KO2 seems more King Of Fighter 2 in the kaillera world ;-)

also I still can't post in the message board :-(

The winuae kaillera version seems to be the best SW to play Kick Off on-line, so there's no need to have a winfellow link, it makes only confusion now ;-)

In the standings maybe it's better to classify the players with the ranking instead of points that are too much related of the numbers of the game played.

Ok, This evening I'm ready for a lot of matches, anyone interested??
Posting is free!!!
Posting is free!!!
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Postby elancourt » Wed Jun 11, 2003 11:08 am

If you have a fast connection , the koanet site is made for you!!!

It's a real dream to play with such a players like Durban or Filippo.

We need more players in order to make a real championship who will be so marvellous!!

Come on guys!!!!

Kick off 2 powaaaaaaaa!!!

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