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koa:.:net Webleague Ideas Discussion

Posted: Sun May 18, 2003 12:18 am
by durban
Dear all this topic is for discussion of the koa:.:net webleague.

Pleaase raise any ideas you may have in here.

I would like to raise the following idea for discussion.

At the moment I have the basic setup for the league, it only allows wins and losses to be posted however there will be draws and more stats soon.

Idea 1 is to have 2 leagues running.

League 1 will be more or less as it is, player v player possible with ranking points to make it a bit fairer for those who can't play as often.

League 2 will be country v country.
When you post a result and the two players aren't from the same country it will be also posted to the Country table so we can see who is the best country at Ko online!
I can make an option in the results screen possible so you can either post to both tables or just to one if thats preferred.

Also can someone come up with a good idea for a ranking system, something like If you are 10th and beat 1st you get 10 ranking points, however 1st beating 10th only gets one (obviously a bit more complex tho!)



Re: koa:.:net Webleague Ideas Discussion

Posted: Sun May 18, 2003 8:29 am
by Danne
about rating system..

The Goal webleague ratingsystem is very good...

All players get 1600 points when they start...

then the points is traded when the players play..
The amount of points/player are always the same 1600. The points just switch owner. :)

some examples.

1200pp(points player) - 1900 pp 1-2 - The 1200 player loose 1 p and the 1900 playergains 1 p.
1200pp - 1900 pp 2-1 - The 1200 player gains 70 p and the 1900 player loose 70 p.
1200pp - 1900 pp 1-1 - The 1200 player gains 35 points, the 1900 player loose 35 points.

1600pp - 1600 pp 1-2 - The 1600 player loose 25 p and the 1600 player gains 25 p.
1600pp - 1600 pp 2-1 - The 1600 player gains 25 p and the 1600 player loose 25 p.
1600pp - 1600 pp 1-1 - The 1600 player gains 0 points, the 1600 player loose 0 points.

Hope it is understandable..

I think the rankingsystem should be something like this. It works very good in the Goal league....

Posted: Sun May 18, 2003 12:01 pm
by durban
Thanks Danne, that is basically the sort of formula I was looking for.

I will note it all down and have a look to see if we will need to amend anything, but as you say it looks pretty good as it is.

I will look at bringing this in in the near future, but first I need to rip the PHP to bits, shouldn't take too long.


Posted: Thu Jun 05, 2003 8:44 pm
by Calimero
Danne's example of the rating system doesn't seem to take into the acount the goal difference.
Surely a 7-1 thrashing of a higher placed player should be awarded more points than a mere 2-1 victory?

Posted: Fri Jun 06, 2003 9:48 am
by filippodb
Please don't include goal difference, it's the ruin of the gameplay, we've to promote a good gameplay without force to score tons of goals to gain points.
Also I don't like to see a new player maybe with slower connection trashed 12-0 because we need to gain point.
I admit it could be fair to include goal difference, anyway a player with an heavy defeat won't come back anymore ;-).

The concept of the nations league it's a great new idea, maybe we need at least 8 active players from almost 4 country.
When we'll reach this amount of players we can organize a nations league, with a ranking system.

Anyway what's wrong in the actual ranking system?
It's the last problem, we need to promote the koa:.:net, gather more dsl/broadband players, then we'll be able to start any kind of competition, like a world league, or competitions like the international Davis cup of tennis ;-)