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Join the GOAL webleague!!!!! Alot of fun. :)

Posted: Sun Apr 27, 2003 9:04 am
by Danne
since there are no Kick Off online activity I now play Goal online.

I havent played the game for ages but it is really fun to play even though I am totally CRAP on it at the moment. :) However I continously learning.

It would be fun if more players could join us.

sign up here.

cheers people.

I am looking forward to play you, Gerie, Alkis, Bjarte and so on.. :)

download GOAL from here... ... readid=143


here is more instructions how to play online..

1. open the rom file...

2. goto dino chat or somewhere else to find someone to play with.

3. choose server with your friend.

4. goto netplay

5. connect to the server you choosed with your friend.

6. one guy creates the game the other one joins

7. PLAY and have fun!!!!!!

Posted: Sun Apr 27, 2003 9:55 am
by m1hampton
Just signed up Danne nice one :lol:

Posted: Sun Apr 27, 2003 10:20 am
by VKafiris
What's the kaillera's server name?