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Player Statistics

Postby rapTor_sonofsuns » Thu Apr 08, 2004 2:48 pm

How does player statistics effect the game. I mean i know what the keeping skill is for , but how it affects the gameplay? Also whats for flair and morale??

maybe flair makes the cpu to use PBDribble , i mean the player with the highest flair uses PBDribble more.

also it seems that height is effective in the game as R.Shaw is 164 and E.Kemp is 171 and they are both very technic , not easy going down players.

and i can say agility and resillience effects going down , as C.L.Miller of Spain never goes down altough everybody he collides goes down. Also he is never injured after over 30 fouls thats an interesting point.
i think we dont know :

(the stats are from aftertouch no:3)
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