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Is it possible to place adf files downloaded from the net...

Posted: Mon Feb 09, 2004 1:44 pm
by Steve1977
onto a disk so the Amiga can understand it? I believe you would need a serial cable linking the two together and then loading up Amiga Forever, format a floppy disc and then place the .adf files you have.
Where would i get a serial cable from? Is it a special kind of serial cable? sorry, im a bit in the dark with all of this.

Posted: Mon Feb 09, 2004 1:57 pm
by manicx
First of all, you need to know that there are some KO2 downloads available only in our site. Downloads section is temporary unavailable, but will be up soon. The rarest are the KO2 1.4e download and the 1.6e download.

Now, on to your question. Yes you can do that. I have a parallel cable that I bought from Power Computing in 99. It works fine. You can visit their site at . I think they may be able to help you with that.

Posted: Mon Feb 09, 2004 1:57 pm
by Abyss
Welcome to the forums Steve. To revive your Amiga and transfer ADF files Amiga disks, you need to transfer somehow the ADF to the Amiga. If your Amiga has an HD, then it makes the whole process easier. If not, you need a machine with 2MB RAM (iirc) - set up a Ram disk in it to copy the file to. After transferring the file, you use the tools given with WinUAE to write the adf to an Amiga disk.

The actual transfer can be done either via a DD (720kb) diskette, provided your Amiga has Crossdos, or via a cable (serial or parallel), provided you have suitable comm sofware on both your Amiga and your PC.

Which Amiga model do you own?

Posted: Mon Feb 09, 2004 2:28 pm
by Steve1977
I have the standard Amiga 500 that was in the Batpack. I have the 1MB upgrade though (had it so i could run Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge)

Is it still possible? :)

Thanks for the replies so far, never in my wildest dreams did I think it would be this quick. I checked out that website and £9.99 to get one piece of the jigsaw to play old games again is a small price to pay. :)

Posted: Mon Feb 09, 2004 2:54 pm
by Abyss
Well, I have never tried it, so I'm probably not the best source to tell you, but a quick google search revealed that there is a special terminal program called ADF Sender Terminal might prove useful for this case:

Posted: Mon Feb 09, 2004 3:31 pm
by Steve1977
thanks for that. ONly problem is that it appears you need to load up Amiga Workbench...but I got rid of mine ages ago. Infact, I think I copied over it with a dodgy version of "Untouchables"
Im going to ask a local friend to see if i can borrow his lol.

Posted: Mon Feb 09, 2004 5:17 pm
by Steve1977
Is it the serial modem cable that i need to purchase from that company?

this one:


Serial Modem cable £9.95

Standard 25-pin to 25-pin Modem cable.

Posted: Mon Feb 09, 2004 11:57 pm
by Abyss
It's got to be a null modem cable, not this one. The connectors are the same, but the wiring is different.

Posted: Tue Feb 10, 2004 12:50 am
by alkis21
One thing's for sure; you can't do it without the Workbench disks. But my guess is that soon you will meet some English KOAers, so you can ask them to copy some Kick Off 2 (or whatever games you're after) disks for you.

Posted: Tue Feb 10, 2004 1:30 pm
by Steve1977
Cheers Abyss. To be honest, Id like to buy the originals off ebay than take someones copy...however, Id love to have a copy of the Workbench discs so I can copy other games into Amiga format.

Posted: Sat Feb 21, 2004 8:07 pm
by Steve Camber
Hiya mate

Let me know your address, and I'll snail mail you a whole load of workbench disks, and a KO2 (oracle) floppy. :yikes:

Posted: Sat Feb 21, 2004 8:35 pm
by manicx
Why not a 1.4e floppy Steve? We have this now. BTW, I prefer the WC90 version with PBDribble to be distributed insted of the Oracle one.

Posted: Sun Feb 22, 2004 10:09 pm
by Steve1977
Hey guys, big thanks for your showing of generosity! Thankfully I have managed to retrieve some workbench disks so once I have a spare 5 minutes...or 60. I'l get to work.
However...Id LOVE to have those Kick off Discs.

I'l email you my addy. :D