KOA needs your help: Hosting costs

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KOA needs your help: Hosting costs

Postby manicx » Mon Nov 24, 2003 10:35 am

Guys, as you may all know, we moved this site to a new server a while ago. This made things a lot better since browsing is not only faster, but we can also have frequent and safer updates. We are in OUR server, meaning that the server belongs to one of us. Even if we mess up, Durban, the man who kindly gave us space in his server, will be there to help us in case we mess up.

While in Groningen, we discussed the issue of money. The costs of web hosting are:

150 GBP (approx. 214 EUR) for the web hosting (I hope my memory will not fail me regarding the amount)
11 EUR for the domain renewal by joker.de

This is 225 EUR. It is a fair amount of money since the service we have is by far one of the best I've seen.

I modified the index page of the main ko-gathering site. Just before the news, you can see a Paypal icon. You need to set up a Paypal account, a process that is secure. You will have to use your credit card to send us the money. This is the most preferable way since there are people living in so many different countries.

I would like Durban to confirm the following so you people know:

a) Service start and end date.
b) Additional Paypal costs (I think they charge some euros extra for each transaction).

In case we manage to get more money than that, the money will be used for the community. This can be tournaments costs, travelling costs for people who cannot attend tournaments, development costs (?), etc. You will be informed on a monthly basis on the balance, there is 100% transparency on all transactions.

We really hope for your help. We do not force you to put any money on that. Just think that this place is our web home, we made friends through these pages, we drink beer together and we travel thousands of miles/km to meet.

Thanks for your help.

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