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Posted: Sat Jun 30, 2001 3:59 pm
by Stainy
heheh The players end up at walking pace by the end of the game.. bit like the crappy players you get to start with, with Player Manager, when you first start out;

Posted: Sun Jul 01, 2001 5:16 pm
by Martin
You can do funny things when playing 2 x 20.
When making lots of fouls (both teams) and with the right referee you can end up with
1 keeper and 2 players left!
It's really cool to score a goal while
your opponents keeper is running back
to his own goal.
(when taking a free kick near the penalty area, the keeper is one of the 3 men)
I've got goals like this stored on an action
replay disk in .adf format if anyone is interested. (or doesn't believe me, haha);

Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2001 12:34 am
by Rim
Did play some of those games too. The fun thing was when the players was so tired they ran backwards. <IMG SRC="/koboard/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif">


Posted: Mon Jul 09, 2001 8:13 am
by durban
I play 2x5 vs the cpu but have lately played 2x10 to get up to scratch again.

Still can only beat the computer by max of 3 goals tho, mainly becuause I am trying to score good goals rather than just putting it past the keeper.

So I hope you are all the same, I used to have a friend who would just try and score the same goals over and over, run into the box, hold the fire button till my keeper comes out and then release it and score.

Meanwhile I was trying to score in all manner of ways, long low shots, crosses and headers, crosses and volleys etc etc.

My style has always been to score from the wings or through nice play, I would rather win 1-0 with a well crafted goal than 10-0 with 10 simple goals.


Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2001 7:03 pm
by Matt
AHhh yes!! Those were the days. ME and my mate used to play gruelling 2x20 min encounters against one and another. Put Funk Spectrum on the cd player and away we'd go. Scorelines usually about 8-6. Though having said that more often than not it ended in a drawn match. Cracking stuff.