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Steve Camber
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Mad! 7000+ poster!
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Postby Steve Camber » Sat Dec 15, 2001 3:49 pm

I bought this game off ebay - (Thanks Ely !), and converted it to a GB rom file.

Here's is the ROM file:

Go here for an emulator:
(Visual Boy seems user friendly)

I've had a few quick goes, but not tried it out properly. It's not quite Kick Off 2, but good for a laugh. Invaluable during those "family" days over Christmas.. Kick Off in my pocket !

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Postby Ely » Sat Dec 15, 2001 4:20 pm

You git !!! I was looking forward to playing that on my GBA <IMG SRC="/phpBB/images/smiles/icon_frown.gif"> Glad it's a good laugh. I'm busy playing Total Soccer 2002 for the GBA on Boycott Advance at the mo. Tis a bit like KO2 but not quite there, still kept me playing for 30mins tho. !!!
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Danny D
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Postby Danny D » Sat Dec 15, 2001 7:09 pm

Nice one to add to my ko collection.
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Postby filippodb » Tue Dec 18, 2001 1:20 pm

Very, very good also for my collection!
thanks a lot!!
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Postby Danne » Tue Dec 18, 2001 1:26 pm

I don't know if I like that average games with the name KICK OFF is available on the market.

Kick Off is class!

For me the Kick Off family is:
kick Off
Kick Off 2
Player Manager
Ultimate Kick Off
Ultimate Player Manager

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