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Newsflash! Belgium wins!

Posted: Sun Aug 26, 2012 4:43 pm
by Freshmaker
After a long haul, with a fawlty joystick, Belgium was finally crowned as winners of todays World Cup. In the opening rounds, they faced Spain (4-1), Uruguay (2-1) and South Korea (8-0). Poor SK's goalie. He had a tough day at work...
In the play-offs, Belgium first played Holland (7-0), quite an unexpectedly easy victory. Then there was some major piss-take on the set-up for the play-offs, as Belgium was to face Uruguay again. One of our reporters overheard dis-satisfied Uruguayans yapping about a scandal the size of Rickmansworth. Anyway, Belgium won 1-0, after a hard fought match.
Then, in the semi's Belgium was to face Yugoslavia, a team that had caused havoc in it's group-stage. However, Belgium scraped in a comfortable win of 3-0.
In the final, it was Columbia. Higuita was not there, but no one thinks he could've made a difference anyway. The columbians seemed to be totally out on coke, and Belgium won, fair and square.