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Posted: Wed Nov 16, 2011 11:33 am
by durban
Ok I have gone back to my trusty Comp Pro 5000 Clear and was thinking of buying a few backups (found a few sites that have them available for about 15 quid)

However thought I may ask if anyone knows how to 'get around' the common problem of the stick becoming squeaky after too much use.

Obviously avoiding any sniggering here....

Basically when I was playing at the weekend it was like a new stick...for about 3 games and then seized up.

I guess its the 'red' rubber ring underneath the stick itself that somehow gets moisture in it.

But can I put anything on top as a buffer, or perhaps around the edges or something?

Any help on rebuilding would be gratefully received. I have taken it to bits in the past, but seem to recall that removing and replacing the rubber ring is far too tricky to try.

Have also tried in the past WD40 (only lasts about 3 games and your hands get slippy) - Normal water which has the same effect, but obviuously putting water into electrics is never a great idea and Washing up Liquid...again lasts about 3 games but your stick smells lovely!

Was going to also try some Jo Malone Moisturiser (Mandarin and Lime, or perhaps Grapefruit) but reckon its a bit expensive :)

Should I just buy a new(ish) one or try and fix what I have?