What does Agility score do?

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Postby sol43 » Wed Mar 27, 2002 11:10 am

Picking up on an earlier post, I'm fairly sure that agility is your skill at running with the ball. This was certainly my experience in PM.

Even with pace and stamina 200 I would frequently get knocked over in the tackle. With agility 190, you can practically run straight at the goal unopposed.

Or have I been wasting my time searching for high agility all these years?
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Postby VKafiris » Wed Mar 27, 2002 11:28 am

High agility in PM is sine qua non mate.
I had a player with high stamina/agility/shooting and all the rest stats below 110. He was top scorer for 4 years in a row... E.Davies is the name. You'll see him if you choose "Restart game" from the main menu of PM.
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Postby rapTor_sonofsuns » Fri Mar 29, 2002 8:34 am

agility helps the ball control of the player. When you have high agility the player can take the ball with him when you make a quick joystick movement (like R.Shaw, E.Kemp ) ,but some players are lack of it. i have tried a 250 speed and stamina player who had 100 of agility. He could just go straight and he couldnt turn with the ball.

The attribute which makes the players stand against others is tackling. ( C.L.Miller is the best at KO2)

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Postby Stainy » Fri Mar 29, 2002 9:56 am

I thought agility was tied in with the shooting, tackling etc stats??
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Postby Robert » Sun Mar 31, 2002 10:42 pm

My info and experience is that Agility only applies in Player Manager. It seems to control the amount that a player's skills increase each season. High agility = high increase.

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