What a sneaky, disrespectful act!

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What a sneaky, disrespectful act!

Postby Wonka » Wed Apr 21, 2010 12:01 pm


Okay, I thought I'd let you all know that I finally stumbled across the KO2 goals tutorial on YouTube (which is crap by the way. The technical aspects could have been explained much better) and surprise surprise, the KOA has once again demonstrated its hatred for me.

If anyone cares to look at the video, you will clearly see the KOA describing goal 12 as "The short diagonal lob, also known as the Camber/Nikos goal" and goal 40 as "The vertical chip with a diagonal header. This goal is a trademark of English legend Robert Swift." And then when they get to goal 42 (which is by far the most difficult to pull of), some tosser has described it as "The famous BLC (Byline chip). The ball should be chipped right on the byline, which can be very hard to pull off. W0nka was the first player to demonstrate that this move can be pulled off consistently, and it helped him to win the WC in 2002."

Now, I like the way that goals 12 & 40 were clearly depicted as Camber/Nikos/Robert Swift trademarks, and goal 42, my goal (and that's exactly what it is whether you know it or not) was vaguely described as a goal that everybody invented, and that I was just the person who managed to prove it could be done "consistently." I also like the way you've insinuated that I only won the WC because of it, it's a real fucking joke!

And I'll tell you something else to rub some salt into the wound: Not only have you shown a poor example of the BLC, you have also described the technicalities incorrectly (this is because you don't know them). The origins of the BLC do not begin "right on the byline". The BLC (in its native, most effective form form) is to be executed "just over" the byline, and it is to be done with an intricate swivel (known as "The W0nka shrine" which fools the computer into thinking the ball is still in play), however it requires my level of control to pull it off, which sadly means anybody else can forget about learning it. Trust me, you'll spend years and years trying to do it and you'll suddenly realized that you've aged (and I'm not joking).

As some KOAers already know when they played me in my prime, there are times when I don't even have to meet the ball at the end of its journey, as when I execute the BLC perfectly (which is rarely a problem when I've got a good competition pro) the ball just drops in behind the keepers head and it's impossible to defend. If you want to correct the video however, I will gladly show how it's done, and this might be a good idea considering how many people will probably love to see this. Take a look at my final with Alkis if you want to see the W0nka shrine shrine (I do it quite a few times and the crowd gasp with shock) however I was too nervous to execute the delivery properly (Alkis benefited from this more than you'll ever know). After all it was the WC final.

I'm glad I kept the WC and never gave it back to you after banning me. And how you've disrespected me on this video just goes to show that I was right in keeping it.
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Re: What a sneaky, disrespectful act!

Postby alkis21 » Wed Apr 21, 2010 12:25 pm

Alkis benefited from nothing. You on the other hand benefited from continually pushing Alkis whenever he was about to score and that was obvious to anyone who was in the room. You are nothing but a fake champion and a very sad individual with no friends. I pity you. And if you knew the difference between a cucumber and a joystick, you would realize that this video shows the goals that someone can score with a SINGLE player, without passing to anyone, so that is not even your move. Thread locked and left for everyone to laugh at.
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