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5 ways to score KO2 goals

Posted: Sun Mar 30, 2008 9:36 am
by gdh82
Noodlebug wrote:I got a bit carried away with this one and had to split it into 3 parts to upload..!

It's based on my newly-developing theory that there are basically 5 ways to score KO2 goals.
1) Use aftertouch (swerve, lobs, freekicks)
2) Make the keeper move out of the way (runs/passes/crosses to certain "sweet" spots, drawing him out)
3) Bypass the keeper altogether (runs, passes, crosses, chips, rebounds)
4) Aim for the near post
5) Gifts (penalties, own goals, keeper error)

I've already thought of one example that doesn't fit while I'm typing this! Oh well, here's the video...

Excellent collection, Noodles - with some quite original goals there! 8)

Partly to keep the KO2 Clips thread free from chat and partly because these posts are so good, they deserve their own thread for further discussion!