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Re: Slide Tackle Logic Explained

Postby Steve Camber » Fri Feb 29, 2008 10:55 pm

gdh82 wrote:re-introduce the bug for their match if they're really missing it!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Re: Slide Tackle Logic Explained

Postby gdh82 » Mon Jun 02, 2008 11:44 am

As I shalln't be going to the WC, I didn't think it appropriate for me to contribute to the World Cup Rules thread. Instead I thought I'd highlight this superb thread by Jon Wilson explaining the two types of unintended slide tackles.

I agree that both can be played around but this is at the cost of the game, particulary type #1. Imagine, a stray ball given away by the defender in the box, many players would go to trap this and round the keeper, but this isn't possible. Likewise, in such a situation, there isn't the time or space to touch the ball first either.

Regarding the type #2, why should you only be able to trap the ball when running only if you do this in one movement ? What if I want to delay the trap so to allow other players to move into position ?

Of course these are part of the game, but Imo both types of the unintended slide tackle, reduce the possibilites and detract from the expansive gameplay that is KO2. By all means disagree with me, but at least have a read of this thread, as part of the WC Rules Discussion.

John Wilson wrote:While poking around in the KO2 code recently I was looking at the ball possession mechanisms (for the optimistic tactics mod. to FWCV).

After a little further digging I have found the reasons for unintended slide tackle 'incidents' and will attempt to explain them here as hopefully it should allow the KOA to make a more informed decision regarding rules around this feature – if you are impatient or have a headache, you’re probably better off skipping to the end as it’s a bit of a mind f*ck :wink: .

I’ll have to explain the ball possession mechanism first as that is what determines whether slides will occur or not.

Possession Mechanism
The main affect this has on the game is: a slide will only occur if the opposing team has possession and your player does not

Firstly, there is no direct connection between who has possession of the ball and what player is displayed in the corner of the screen
There is obviously some relationship – i.e. if a player is dribbling he has possession but this is not enforced by the code

There are two possession variables, one for each team. In theory, it is possible for a player in each team to have possession of the ball simultaneously but this is very rare and has no effect on slide tackle logic - so the normal states are:

  • No player has possession (this is the usual state when the ball is not being dribbled)
  • A Player on Team A has possession
  • A Player on Team B has possession

How possession changes:

  • No Possession -> Player Has Possession
    This change occurs if a player touches the ball or picks it up (‘keeper or for a throw in).
  • Player Has Possession -> No Possession
    If a player kicks (including free kicks and penalties but not passes), chips, slides into or heads the ball this will ensure nobody has possession.
    If a player is dribbling, but doesn’t get near the ball for 6 seconds then his possession is removed
  • Player Has Possession -> Different Player On Same Team Has Possession
    If a pass or throw in is executed, the ‘target’ player takes possession as soon as the kicker or thrower releases the ball.
  • Player Has Possession -> Player On Other Team Has Possession
    If a player without possession gets near enough to the ball he will take possession

    If a player without possession gets near enough to the player who has possession a ‘challenge’ will occur as described later. Note that the location of the ball has no effect on this, if the player with possession has let the ball dribble away loosely and nobody touches it he will remain in his possession and so can be challenged.

Explanation No. 1 - The Unintended Slide when nobody else is anywhere near the ball:
A ball in open play can remain your opponent’s possession (and therefore cause you to slide) if:

They have been dribbling the ball and have let it run free – it will remain in there possession for up to 6s – an age in KO2 terms!
A pass has gone astray – the target of the pass will remain in possession for 2s if nobody touches the ball
A throw in goes astray – the target of the throw will remain in possession for 2s if nobody touches the ball

…ok, that one was pretty obvious and it’s easy to work around as there’s nobody around you and you just have to touch the ball before trapping.

Explanation No. 2 - The Unintended Slide when a defender is near
The other instance is when you are pressured by an opponent and you just know what’s going to happen if you try and trap it. This is related to the challenge mentioned above – the important thing to note is that you or your opponent don’t need to be near the ball for you to lose possession, you’re opponent has to be near you.

The crucial condition here the fact that the opponent will always take possession if you centre the stick – no matter if you are between him and the ball or even if the ball has run a good distance away from you both. The moment you get near the ball and try to trap a slide will occur!

Hence, players who try to give themselves space to trap the ball by pausing briefly will suffer from this effect much more than a player that has the ability to trap the ball while running full tilt.
The most obvious case is when an attacker is running up field with a defender immediately behind him, the attacker pauses very briefly before trapping at which moment the close defender will invisibly take possession, causing the attacker skid impotently into the ball :?

Although I have not done extensive testing, I tried a game last night armed with this new knowledge and was able to confidently trap the ball everytime.
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