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Posted: Sat Jun 30, 2001 12:41 am
by Martin
Can anyone please send me a disk via normal post with this great game Kick Off II?
Not in adf format or whatever, but just a disk that I can feed to my Amiga 500.

The disk I have hardly ever makes it through the sturtup. And when it does start correctly, there's always a message that says: cracked by oracle

I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Posted: Sat Jun 30, 2001 5:26 am
by Jan Tijssen
sorry, i've only got the atari version.

isn't there a program where you can convert adf to regular amiga disks? I know that kind of program is available for atari rom files.


Posted: Mon Jul 02, 2001 8:32 am
by Fatih Subasi
Did you try to press mouse button, space button or enter?;

Posted: Mon Jul 02, 2001 11:09 pm
by AndyM
I've been looking for a program to transfer ADFs for ages. I don't think it's possible, from what I have read it is impossible to write an Amiga disk on a PC! <IMG SRC="/koboard/images/smiles/icon_frown.gif">

What I think must be possible, is to transfer the .ADF file by a serial cable to the Amiga, there must be a way to then convert it into a working disk. Anybody who can tell me how do do this wins a beer from me!


Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2001 1:18 am
by AndyM
On 2001-07-03 01:09, AndyM wrote:
Anybody who can tell me how do do this wins a beer from me!

I owe myself a beer:

I'll try this out tomorrow and see if it works.

(off to fridge to collect winnings)

Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2001 7:09 am
by Riempie

Ever heard of Amiga Explorer from Cloanto? In windows explorer you'll get another network-drive called Amiga. It adds all Amiga HD's and disk-drives to the windows explorer. So if you put a disk-drive in DF0, windows will recognize it. This way it's possible to transfer files. A hard-drive in your Amiga is a must. I don't know for sure if it's possible to convert disks instantly to adf, but it's worth a look.

And if you have a hard-drive in your Amiga, then it's very easy to read and write adf-images. I use a tool on the Amiga called ADF-blitzer.

But I heard it's a bit difficult to convert/transfer disks if you have an A500 without any expansion. Wartrans claims to be an option.

And why convert disks anyway. ADF-images of almost all games (certainly Kick Off 2) can be found on the internet. Check out
Do a search for Kick Off 2 and you'll get several links of Kick Off 2 (downloadable adf-images)

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Posted: Thu Jul 05, 2001 7:44 pm
by alkis21
Andy, you can find a complete guide on transferring ADFs and converting them into Amiga disks in my homepage, at

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2001 8:26 am
by Danny D
I have a copy of the amiga version.

However its the only amiga disk I have and in order to copy it I need an amiga disk copier program.

So If you can send me that I can get you a copy.

BTW:Try pressing the mouse or joystick button when you see the cracked by oracle message.