Hello from Italy !

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Posting is free!!!
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Re: Hello from Italy !

Postby Pietro » Sat Jan 30, 2021 9:39 am

maybe I'm able to solve this but it will take some days and a bit of help from someone, talk later

EDIT: the joystick seems to work pretty well after 30 years. the problem is the Mayflash USB adapter, it's a bit faulty, the left serial port doesn't work well :? bad luck, I'm waiting now for a new one.

EDIT 2: ok, the new one seems to work normally. my TAC-2 is not perfect but at least seems to work decently. I'm searching for another used TAC-2 online at a reasonable cost...in the meantime I've just bought 2 SLIK STIK (it's not easy to play KO2 with this kind of small controllers but this is better than nothing)

EDIT 3: incredible but true, I was able to find a TAC-2 in very good conditions for 22€ :mrgreen:

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