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innovative cheating AI

Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2008 12:04 pm
by rapTor_sonofsuns
well i have an idea that will improve gameplay and make the game harder.

First of all my ideal AI is the one where computer acts like human instead of acting perfect. Some dont understand this concept and think of ai like making maximum capacity out of computer including all of its resources. But in computer games we all know playing against a human is always more enjoyable, so the game will be enjoyable single player with humanlike playing AI. In order to fully achieve this we need partially observable and non deterministic environment for our agents but thats another story.

Of course human like AI is a diffucult thing and its harder than the other option , so in development of TI we always saw this kind of things: cheater dribbling , players knowing exact falling position of ball, cheater shooting& air passing of AI etc. these are all implemented perfectly but they are not human like.

My idea, to harden AI a star based system can be developed ( like in PES), so for example ronaldinho have dribbling star so he can use cheater dribbling (though not much) , nesta has positioning star so he knows where the ball falls better etc. with this kind of addition AI may be unhuman but harder... the thing is its acceptable if its the "star" players :D