MODERATORS are watching you!!!

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MODERATORS are watching you!!!

Postby manicx » Mon Apr 21, 2003 12:04 pm

Ok, as I promised I was going to make a post about the Moderators.

Your votes have been casted and the result was to go for open moderators. You can see who is the Group Moderator and who are the Moderator members. An explanation on both:

Group moderator: He moderates the members. Requests on misbehaviour on behalf of the Moderators should be reported to him (that's me for you :mrgreen:). I will check whether there was an incident of abuse and together with Danny and other moderators will decide whether the incident invloved abusive behaviour from a Moderator on a KOA member.

Group Members: These are the actual Moderators who moderate the forums. They can delete, move, split topics and can watch user's IPs.

There is another group of GLOBAL ADMINS. It means that they can moderate any forum. Members are Alkis (alkis21) and James (JamesHBeard).

The decision on the Moderators' selection was made on the basis of:

a) Behaviour so far
b) Frequency of forum usage
c) Expertise with the related forum

I wish good luck to the new moderators and may the force be with you... :)

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