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Diary of PM

Postby durban » Tue May 17, 2005 8:28 am

Ok I decided to keep an online Diary of my current favourite PM team.

I am about 7 seasons in, I have just won the double for the first time (been playing a lot of games on result only as I had 3 games running at once and only just decided which team I prefer)

Anyway my Team is Macclesfield Town (Dave Toasts local team incidently) and my manager is the Great Markus Durban.

Anyway I will post some of my players later tonight, however I am just on the bring of getting the money/players to make this team great so it will get interesting from now on.

The year is 2011 and Macc Town have just defeated Chelsea to win the FA cup and also the League (with Chelsea in second place, 9 points behind)

Current favourite players.

J.Elliott 23yrs old but Club captain.
Great little pacey centre back, Passing 143 Tackling 169 pace 197 stam 191 Defender. Club value him at 580k

A Cole 21yrs old Midfield Dynamo
The heart of the team, during the early season 'depression' this guy turned into Steven Gerrard and single handedly won matches for the club and started off the championship campaign. He shoots from anywhere and half the time the ball WILL end up in the net.
Pace 200 Stam 200 Passing 175 Shooting 150 Tackling 130
Club value him at 800k but not for sale.

R.Barber 28yrs old Goal scoring extremist
Cousin of the world famous R.Barber from KO2 this guy can not stop scoring. At 28 he is on the downward slope but is lethal.
Could be looking at his swansong in the top division as Macc Town seek to unload players. But with 29 goals in on single season he has to be worth keeping around for a while longer.
Pace 191 Stam 185 Shooting 181 Passing 150
Club value him at 500k

C.A.Clarke 21 yrs old striker
The most loved player in Macc Towns history. Bought at the tender age of 18yrs old for about 50p he made his immediate first appearance scoring a hat-trick against Man Utd to seal a place in the Semi Final of the FA cup in 2008. Perfect compliment to Barber and the two of them on form is beautiful to watch. Doesn't bag as many as the number 10, but still scores enough and his work rate is second only to A.Cole. Fan favourite.
Pace 200 Stam 200 Shooting 176 Passing/Tackling Naff
Club value him at 460k

I am kind of sad, the club is at the crossroads where the great players above who have done us proud now must make way as the new talent pours in.......very sentimental moment for me, I am just going outside to cry :( :( :(
No longer the only UK based Liverpool, Nottingham Forest and Crewe supporter in the whole of the KOA!!!

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