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Postby durban » Mon May 16, 2005 9:56 am

Anyone picked up an 18yr old (oh errr missus) for about 1k or something and then he turns into a superstar worth millions?

got hold of J.Bell last night who was a striker on the off chance. He had good pace ( 194 / 190) and so I thought what the hell.

His stats were pretty impressive as well.

Shooting 149, Passing 137, Tackling 133.

Aggression was high.

Was well impressed, coz me 1k.

I am gonna see how much he is worth in say 4 seasons, I reckon we could be on for something special here!!!!!

I reckon I would rather take a gamble with the 1-50k players than pay 500 - 1mil for someone who could end up being crap.
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