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Player Manager versions (and "oracle free" adf)

Posted: Tue Jan 04, 2005 10:41 pm
by jesper
I've made an "Oracle free" version of the Player Manager adf:

It's made from the Oracle crack version not the ipf. The
two version appear to be different, that is the unencrypted
main programs differ! If anybody has an original Player Manager
floppy different from the ipf already dumped please dump it!

Posted: Wed Jan 05, 2005 9:15 am
by manicx
:lol: Another first from Jesper! Jesper, why is the existing IPF not suitable? I am sure we can make new dumps, maybe from the originals that Robert got from Steve Screech, but what's wrong with the existing IPF?

Posted: Wed Jan 05, 2005 12:24 pm
by jesper
There is nothing wrong with the existing IPF but the Oracle one is a crack of a different
original. It would be nice to have dumps of every original. I don't know about differences
though. One of them is probadly just a minor bug-fix of the other ;).

Posted: Wed Jan 05, 2005 2:33 pm
by manicx
Different original in PM too? :lol: Shit my pants after reading this! Okay, let's assume the copies from Anco that Steve had were probably one of the later ones...

Anyway, thanks for the file, I will upload soon.

Posted: Tue Jan 11, 2005 7:05 pm
by Vag
I don't know if it's only with me but the mouse pointer is in the background. Is that a bug that appears sometimes? or is it only in the hacked Oracle free version? I tried it twice...

Posted: Tue Jan 11, 2005 10:58 pm
by jesper
You might be right. I will look into it later this week ;)