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Lets Do It!

Posted: Mon Dec 06, 2004 2:45 pm
by durban
Lets have a PM tourney ffs!

Even if its on KOA Net.

I currently have no access to an Amiga (most of my old PM teams where ST anyway) but have a few I have started on Winuae (how do I convert a WINUAE disk to a real disk, is it possible?)

It would be great to have a full on PM Team/Tactics tournament. It would feel so special knowing it was your team and your tactics and would add a new element.

We need to organise this, I will be in!

No Rankings, no hassle just fun and frolics.

This would be the ultimate tournament, we could record the best goals and people would just be amazed at the different types especially as the tactics would cancel out the majority of normal KO2 goals.

I may even invent this at the UK Champs as a early morning league for about 6 players.

We could name our teams and have kits and all sorts. It would be fkin brill. We could keep stats, top scorers etc etc and have a trophy for the team with the top scorer as well as best team.

Or we could do this on KOANet and have a weekly fixture list. Would mean getting your teams into WINUAE format tho to load them and I appreciate some people don't like WINUAE but would still be fun.
It could be a league over about 20 weeks with 10 teams, no rush to play matches as long as you could manage say 20 mins a week or perhaps even 2 weeks. It would be excelent.

Perhaps Camber could invent some program so that we could amend teams (is that possible) and have an xfer market and all sorts.


Posted: Mon Dec 06, 2004 3:04 pm
by Robert Swift
Yes but not on KOA net.

Posted: Mon Dec 06, 2004 3:47 pm
by durban
Ok then is there a way I can transfer my tactics from WinUAE to real Amiga?

All my old saves teams were on ST and my Tactics, and all my new ones are Emulated :(

Unfortunately someone stole my REAL amiga :lol:

However I am more than happy to partake in a game of PM, even if its Tactics only as I am sure I can make up a tactic in half an hour if given access to an Amiga using my current ones as reference.


Posted: Mon Dec 06, 2004 9:08 pm
by alkis21
Any man with an HD equipped A1200 can help you with that, like Camber.

Posted: Mon Dec 06, 2004 10:02 pm
by durban
Who is Camber?

Can maybe someone like Camber help do you think?

Posted: Mon Dec 06, 2004 10:07 pm
by TheFoxSoft
durban wrote:Who is Camber?

Can maybe someone like Camber help do you think?

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted: Mon Jan 31, 2005 5:09 pm
by GingerPete
I think this needs to happen!

It would be great, say you have to play in position (If it all), and decide a forward date to give people time to get a team ready.
Say 3 weeks?

Any takers