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Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2002 8:02 pm
by Danii
Hi everyone,
I used to play PM like mad on my amiga years ago,but now have a PC.I`ve got winuae emulator,but that`s it.What i need is the PM adf file,which i tried downloading from your downloads but would`nt work,the amiga kickstart file,and some really good info on how to use the emulator,as i`ve only recently got back to the computer world,after a long break.I would really appreciate it if someone could help me,as i`m desperate to play that game.Thanks for now.By the way,i don`t know how i got this web-site,but it`s great and been great help till now.


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Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2002 11:13 pm
by Pee
check out Alkis' site for emulator instructions and info
(may have to copy and paste into the browser)

It helped me get going so you should be OK.