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Postby Guest » Fri Oct 25, 2002 2:03 pm

pm 1 - atari st

how the fuck can you stay manger for more than 10 seasons? Every time i play i get sacked and the board satisfaction rating goes down even if we win (i have to win by 6-7 to saty the same). How is that normal / how can the situation be avoided???

cheers, i need some enlightment

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Postby VKafiris » Fri Oct 25, 2002 3:22 pm

It doesn't whether you lose or win in order to keep the hot seat. All you need to do is to maintain an economical balance (check out finances for that). Cheers.
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Postby JZ » Tue Nov 05, 2002 9:41 pm

PM on the ST has a special feature to stop people from cheating-i.e. re-loading the game when you lose- so if you save too often your man.ass. goes down rapidly- even when you're not cheating

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