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Re: Player stats - meanings

Posted: Fri Jan 27, 2012 9:53 pm
by Stainy
alkis21 wrote:
silverferret wrote:Is it my imagination, or was there also a “work rate” attribute shown next to Morale in one of the screenshots on the box?

Not on the box, but you are probably thinking about the advertisement below. That wasn't the only thing that was weird about the screenshots depicted there, probably taken in beta stage.


Actually it was on the box! I have both boxes!! one box is as the mag advert.. and the other box I have has a sticker over that screenshot with another screen from the game!

I`m a completest!! :)

Re: Player stats - meanings

Posted: Fri Jan 27, 2012 9:57 pm
by Stainy

Re: Player stats - meanings

Posted: Sun Jan 29, 2012 3:53 pm
by silverferret
Alkis – yep – I’m in England, and the vast majority of my experience comes from playing PM as a manager. Used to play a bit as a proper player-manager, and played plenty of KO2 back in the day, but I find playing with a modern joystick a joyless experience, so since discovering emulators, I’ve only really managed. Even with a rubbish joystick, it’s amazing that KO2 still compares well in terms of gameplay with modern footie games.

Stainy - Really weird on the second box that they used two different versions of a player stats page – one clearly has Work Rate and the other doesn’t, amongst other differences.

Even more interesting is the text on your ad, Alkis:

“Over a thousand players in the four division league. Each player with a unique combination of the following attributes: SHOOTING ACCURACY, PACE, STAMINA, APPLICATION, AGGRESSION, HEIGHT and TACKLING SKILL.
These attributes are influenced by the Player’s Age, Mental and Physical Dexterity, Quality of Experience, Weight, Temperament and Morale.”

OK – maybe this is just marketing blurb written way before the release by someone who wasn’t even working on the game, but if any of the above is true, it would alter my understanding of why certain players play the way they do.

PACE and STAMINA are fairly self-explanatory, though they do both seem to be affected by the game situation as evidenced by winning goalies seemingly getting slower at the end of games (if so, presumably all attributes are affected).
SHOOTING ACCURACY – again, fairly self-evident, though there do seem to be other factors in play when it comes to shot accuracy.
AGGRESSION – probably relates to the frequency of slide tackles, and possibly relates to a player’s ability to win 50-50s, and stay on his feet.
HEIGHT – probably relates to the ability to win headers, but in my humble opinion, it seems to have little relevance to the frequency with which headers are won.
TACKLING - probably relates to the accuracy of slide tackles, and a player’s ability to stay on his feet after a challenge.
APPLICATION (presumably work rate) - Given the fact it’s effectively mentioned twice, it’s hard to believe it was/is no part of the game – does anyone know? If it is, what it means is equally intriguing – a general modifier on everything in the game, depending on the game situation?

Then…”these attributes are influenced by”:

Player’s Age – In any sense other than attributes changing year on year? I might be well be imagining it, but to me it seems that older players do play differently than younger players – they seem to make better decisions.
Mental & Physical Dexterity – To me, Agility would seem to represent both, but if flair is a factor, then surely it represents one or other of these.
Quality of Experience – From what I’ve seen on these forums, and what I’ve always assumed myself, this has no effect on anything. Maybe it does? Or maybe it just means a player will get a bigger improvement in stats from a season playing in a higher division.
Weight – So, maybe it is a factor in winning challenges, and even things like shot power?
Temperament – At first you assume this means Aggression, but that’s mentioned above as an attribute, so what the hell does this mean? Another abstract, hidden attribute that affects performance?
Morale – Seems accepted that this affects numerous in-game actions, though I’m a bit confused why the happiest players seem to peak with 100 morale, while on some occasions less happy players seem able to have morale above 200.

Re: Player stats - meanings

Posted: Wed May 16, 2012 10:18 am
by fabrizio76
Hi guys, I think I have a good argument to say that there must be a hidden "flair" stat in player manager.
I have one goal keeper whose ability is 9/10, and if I pimp him up significantly with the hex editor the ability stays at 9/10.
Also, I bought a player with a certain ability, pimped him up with the Hex editor and sold it to another team, checked his ability again and it also didn't change.
Of course this all may have to do with a combination of stats that involve the morale for which I do not have a number to compare....but you can see that some players do better tricks than other even if they are worth less moneys or have less impressive stats......