I miss Dutton

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I miss Dutton

Postby Semtex » Thu Feb 26, 2004 4:06 pm

So in the spirit of the great man there now follows a diatribe containing a list of all the people I am gonna 'fuck' at the UK champs in Nottingham.
I hope no one takes offence:

Man, I am gonna fuck Swifty with his rankings shit, I am gonna fuck the Uk champ even with his special, I am gonna fuck Durban with his perfectly understandable Geordie accent, I am gonna fuck both the Beards, especially the elder with his annoying defence. I gonna fuck the lobbing bastard Camber,
I fear no one. And no one better pull any shit on me.
And if the great man himself turns up I am gonna fuck him 'hog roast' style with home and away wins...

If I have missed anyone please don't be offended, I will fuck you too.

Many thanks for listening,


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