2018 WC - The Thanks Thread

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2018 WC - The Thanks Thread

Postby Torchiador » Wed Nov 14, 2018 3:19 pm

Hi there,

thanks everyone who was involved in organising this world cup and again thank everyone who joined it!
Andy, your city is really beautiful, and your family too! Say ciao to your lovely son and your fun brother!
This was the first world cup in front of the seaside and it was an amazing experience, we have been also granted buy the nice weather. the forecast was very bad for the whole week end instead we saw the sun for most of the time!
The venue was definitively the best ever, no less.
Thanks to all the people in background and also in front like Jayne at the desk, Steve, Robert, Lee and a special mention for Jappz, we cannot figure out a World Cup without him any more. He is the meaning of professionalism. and with his touch makes the world cup so professional too, keeping the rest of the world in touch with what's happening in the center of the world.
A big thanks to who shared his delicate and precious hardware. this year we really had the very most of the stations up and running. this sped up the the tournament and the usual delay we usual have were dictated by the fact that people preferred to relax a bit on the confortabile coloured big bags the hotel provided us! fantastic.
Thanks everyone of you for the fantastic time we spent together.
Sorry I've been so short in the Karaoke room but promise next time I'll try compete with Ian although there is no challenge. His performance was AMAZING a real front man! SO funny!
Thanks again, see you next year in Germany then! and hopefully, even sooner.
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Re: 2018 WC - The Thanks Thread

Postby JohnVella » Sun Nov 18, 2018 10:12 am

Well said, Mr. Torchiador.

This was my first World Cup, but it certainly won't be my last. I'm going to go and clear out my old computer room now, so I can have my Amiga set up permanently, which means I'll be able to practice for next time!

I will try and do a "proper" write up soon, but for now, thanks to everyone, for a great event. :D
Mick C
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Re: 2018 WC - The Thanks Thread

Postby Mick C » Mon Nov 19, 2018 2:25 pm

Yes, thanks are definitely in order here, so from me firstly I'd like to say sorry for leaving early. I was under the impression the event would end around 1800 on the Sunday, but that didn't happen and I had to get back to London. I was able to say goodbye to some people, but not all... time crept up on me during the last games I was able to play.

Anyway a pleasure to meet you all, and in no particular order:

- Thanks to Andy for hosting, the nice hotel, t-shirts and a great room to play in
- Thanks to Jappz and his tech skillz, I was able to watch the final on the train back to London - great stuff
- Thanks to Steve for his efforts in writing the WC software, and updating the game for us
- Thanks to Robert for presenting and keeping us up to date, but please let me know where your volume control is when you're actively playing
- Thanks to Ian K for the results, the honesty bar, but mostly importantly his Kelis performance - magical
- Thanks to Lee and Jayne for shipping my hardware around, and for The Internet is for Porn
- And thanks to everyone for the games, and for making the weekend a great experience

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Re: 2018 WC - The Thanks Thread

Postby Logos » Mon Dec 10, 2018 1:46 pm

Jesus, one month has passed already!

Thanks, guys, it was wonderful to see you all and to have such a good turn out!

My thank-you's echo what Mick has listed above, without you chaps, it would not have been possible.
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Re: 2018 WC - The Thanks Thread

Postby Steve1977 » Tue Jan 01, 2019 12:19 pm

Yes indeed, many thanks to you all and especially Andy and his organising team. Keeping the flame alive year on year with the flame being passed on each year. The spark to create a tournament and the baton being something we all carry in the form of a joystick - what am I talking about? It's New Years Day and I'm suffering lol
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