15º Italian CHAMP'S - Milan - Sunday 11/06/17

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Re: 15º Italian CHAMP'S - Milan - Sunday 11/06/17

Postby thor » Thu Jun 15, 2017 5:08 am

Congrats, Gianni. Very nice write-up and pictures. Wish I could have been there!
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Re: 15º Italian CHAMP'S - Milan - Sunday 11/06/17

Postby Torchiador » Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:36 pm

thank you friends!

This year we had very low attendance for a very wide range of reasons. this is the first Italian championship in I don't remember how many years, without foreigners. I do think that the fact we had two Milan world cup in the last 4 years can explain this lack of foreigners friends to join this time. Anyway I'm not worried for the future.

About emulation, I must admit that to finish the tournament unplug the usb adaprer and say goodbye without to move a van of heavy hardware is somehow priceless.
I'm an Amiga fan, an Amiga lover. but I admit that I accept the compromise.
A perfect amiga with a perfect monitor will be always better than emulation, no matter how far.
But in a world cup, how many perfect amiga station did you see in the last (just to say) 7 years? Milan 2016? 1 or 2, Dublin 2015? 0, Copenhagen 2014? we played the finals with RF cable on a 14CRT tv. Voitsberg2013? 1 or 2, Milan 2012? 1 or 2, Birmingham 2011? 1 or 2, Duesseldorf 2010? 1 or 2.
The problem is that we don't play a world cup using only 1 or 2 amigas. well, few of us do so and you see them all the times in queue always in front of that amiga... but this is another story to tell.
For the rest of the players it means to play the very most of their games with a bad pictures, bad sound or no sound at all. not to mention the amiga that auto resets every time you plug the monitor. the amigas that have some trouble with the keyboard, the screens that are set the wrong aspect ratio using the trimmers. the tvs that don't get awake after you switch it off. Amigas that have problems with the floppy drive and sometimes they work, sometimes they don't.
I could continue if you like.
The point is that with a proper set of pc hardware it is possible to have a quite better average of good amiga emulated that are definitely better than the average real amiga at our disposal.
The sad truth is that the average of the amiga stations at our disposal for the world cup have very poor quality and every year it is getting worse because hardware is ageing quickly.
Maybe not in all the country or not in all the cities there are places like the VGP that can rent (in our case, it was for free) hardcore gaming PCs to have such level of emulation. But in this specific case with such specific hardware, and I under mark just only with a specific approved hardware, I would accept the compromise to play tournament on emulation. even the world cup
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Re: 15º Italian CHAMP'S - Milan - Sunday 11/06/17

Postby Tripod » Tue Jun 20, 2017 10:59 am

I guess there should be places like Milan's VGP around in many cities. Otherwise carrying whole tower PCs around would still be a major hassle. How small do you think we could go? Imagine we could play just with this and an LCD monitor!

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Re: 15º Italian CHAMP'S - Milan - Sunday 11/06/17

Postby Freshmaker » Tue Jun 20, 2017 8:45 pm

Cheers Alex. But seriously, why be so difficult? With these modern usb-type operating-systems, we should be well off with a usb-stick and a monitor.
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