UK Championship 2016 - Results

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Steve Camber
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UK Championship 2016 - Results

Postby Steve Camber » Sun May 15, 2016 10:22 am


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        Sandro T  3 - 2  Robert S
          Mark E  2 - 2  John V
         Steve E  9 - 0  Mark V
        Gianni T  8 - 0  Wayne L
         Chris D  5 - 4  Steve C
    Alessandro V  6 - 3  Ian K
       Stephen D  1 - 7  Andy G
          Mark E  1 - 7  Sandro T
         Steve E  2 - 2  Robert S
        Gianni T 13 - 2  John V
         Chris D  7 - 6  Mark V
    Alessandro V  4 - 2  Wayne L
       Stephen D  3 - 6  Steve C
          Andy G 14 - 0  Ian K
        Sandro T  2 - 4  Steve E
        Gianni T  8 - 1  Mark E
         Chris D  9 - 2  Robert S
    Alessandro V  6 - 2  John V
       Stephen D  2 - 4  Mark V
          Andy G  6 - 3  Wayne L
           Ian K  1 - 5  Steve C
        Gianni T  8 - 2  Sandro T
         Chris D  4 - 2  Steve E
    Alessandro V  7 - 1  Mark E
       Stephen D  2 - 4  Robert S
          Andy G 10 - 1  John V
           Ian K  9 - 1  Mark V
         Steve C 10 - 3  Wayne L
        Sandro T  5 - 4  Chris D
    Alessandro V  2 - 15 Gianni T
       Stephen D  3 - 5  Steve E
          Andy G  8 - 0  Mark E
           Ian K  1 - 4  Robert S
         Steve C  8 - 1  John V
         Wayne L  5 - 0  Mark V
    Alessandro V  7 - 2  Sandro T
       Stephen D  0 - 9  Chris D
          Andy G  9 - 7  Gianni T
           Ian K  5 - 5  Steve E
         Steve C  8 - 2  Mark E
         Wayne L  2 - 5  Robert S
          Mark V  5 - 2  John V
        Sandro T  4 - 2  Stephen D
          Andy G  8 - 6  Alessandro V
           Ian K  0 - 5  Chris D
         Steve C  2 - 9  Gianni T
         Wayne L  2 - 6  Steve E
          Mark V  3 - 3  Mark E
          John V  0 - 10 Robert S
          Andy G  8 - 3  Sandro T
           Ian K  6 - 2  Stephen D
         Steve C  3 - 3  Alessandro V
         Wayne L  1 - 4  Chris D
          Mark V  2 - 11 Gianni T
          John V  1 - 11 Steve E
        Robert S  2 - 4  Mark E
        Sandro T  7 - 2  Ian K
         Steve C  2 - 5  Andy G
         Wayne L  5 - 2  Stephen D
          Mark V  2 - 6  Alessandro V
          John V  1 - 7  Chris D
        Robert S  2 - 9  Gianni T
          Mark E  0 - 8  Steve E
         Steve C  6 - 3  Sandro T
         Wayne L  4 - 2  Ian K
          Mark V  2 - 9  Andy G
          John V  2 - 5  Stephen D
        Robert S  2 - 6  Alessandro V
          Mark E  3 - 8  Chris D
         Steve E  5 - 8  Gianni T
        Sandro T  4 - 4  Wayne L
          Mark V  0 - 10 Steve C
          John V  4 - 2  Ian K
        Robert S  2 - 5  Andy G
          Mark E  2 - 3  Stephen D
         Steve E  7 - 1  Alessandro V
        Gianni T  7 - 4  Chris D
          Mark V  5 - 4  Sandro T
          John V  0 - 5  Wayne L
        Robert S  2 - 2  Steve C
          Mark E  2 - 3  Ian K
         Steve E  5 - 4  Andy G
        Gianni T  8 - 2  Stephen D
         Chris D  6 - 5  Alessandro V
        Sandro T  3 - 0  John V
        Robert S  4 - 0  Mark V
          Mark E  1 - 2  Wayne L
         Steve E  3 - 3  Steve C
        Gianni T 13 - 4  Ian K
         Chris D  6 - 5  Andy G
    Alessandro V  3 - 2  Stephen D
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Steve Camber
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Mad! 7000+ poster!
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Re: UK Championship 2016 - Results

Postby Steve Camber » Sun May 15, 2016 10:25 am

It was a great event, good to see everyone again and meet the Vella brothers at last.
Missed Durban :(

Doubles cup event must be a requirement of all future tournaments :)
SteveC - Kick Off engineer
18 Dec 2003 - "One day I'm going to disassemble the 68000 code, and find out exactly what's going on in there!! "

Ask me about online KO2 :)
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Re: UK Championship 2016 - Results

Postby JohnVella » Sun May 15, 2016 2:54 pm

Thanks to everyone concerned for hosting a great event, and also to everyone who turned up and made a brilliant day. :D

It was great meeting everyone, and putting faces to names, and while I didn't exactly cover myself in glory, football wise, as the saying goes, the only way is up!

More practice is required, but, to quote Arnie "I'll be back"
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Re: UK Championship 2016 - Results

Postby Noodlebug » Sun May 15, 2016 4:01 pm

Thanks John for sparing me the indignity of finishing last!

I enjoyed the tournament, the results not so much - I lost my first 10 games but won 2 of my last 3 to claim my place as one of the top 8 UK players (who showed up). I don't think I played that badly, the only three players I had no chance against were the top three.

Memorable games:
Andy G 7-1 Stephen D (half time score 2-1).
Let's call this a memorable half, I led for almost all of it. The current Champion of the World also missed a penalty after some over-vigorous defending. This is the only game where I only scored 1 goal.

Mark V 4-2 Stephen D
I had Cox sent off in the first half. I also made the mistake of sliding in the box, Mark had to come all the way back to get fouled. But a deserved win for the tournament's surprise package.

Chris D 9-0 Stephen D
2 minutes left at 9-0, I refused to use lockout but managed to stop that double-digit, no-one double-digited me today but Chris was the only one to shut me out.

Alessandro 3-2 Stephen D
He scores, final whistle goes. I also had a perfectly good shot that went in through the post disallowed...

Stephen D 5-2 John V
The Wooden Spoon game; I scored a lob from almost the corner flag, and a beautiful diagnoal grasscutter after pulling the goalkeeper to the edge of the box. If I had lost I would have finished last.

Ian K and Waynie both beat me a lot more comfortably than I was expecting, but on the other hand I was more competitive against Steve E and Sandro T than I anticipated, despite losing both. No surprises against Camber and Swift, on my best day I can edge them both, but today was not that day. The games against Gianni and Mark E also went pretty much how I would have imagined, a hammering and a narrow uncomfortable win. So I am not too unhappy overall, if I want better results and better placings, I guess I should play more and practice..!
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Re: UK Championship 2016 - Results

Postby alkis21 » Sun May 15, 2016 4:08 pm

Well played everyone, I wish I could have been there. Congratulations to Britain's eternal conqueror, Gianni. Great performance also by Andy who managed to beat him a third time in a row, and had a 7.54 goal average after only 5.00 last week in Athens. It makes me wonder whether he switched back to PBD.

Chris is Christopher, right? Mind your KOA names, people! He could have been second if not for a loss to Sandro. I also notice that Steve E cost his compatriot the title.

Impressive first win ever for Ely versus Robert! Also, I had to go back to 2007, back when I visited Reading, to find Steve C's last win against Wayne and back to 2006 to find his last win against Sandro.

Alessandro V 2 - 15 Gianni T :shock:
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Re: UK Championship 2016 - Results

Postby Daddy1972 » Sun May 15, 2016 4:42 pm

Thanks Guys, This was a brilliant day, absolutely loved it and the doubles was awesome.
Noodlebug, i have to apologise for my lack of sportsmanship in running over your sliding man whilst in the box..
A little harsh on you and not having Cox on the pitch certainly helped me...
Hopefully next year i can rely on my skill (certainly couldnt this year) and beat you without compromising my sportsmanship.
Thanks to all who put this together and all who brought their hardware for all to use.... I am hooked..

Steve, you are a Legend, sorry for shouting in your ear during the double....

Keep up the good work
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Re: UK Championship 2016 - Results

Postby waynie » Mon May 16, 2016 9:36 am

Thank you everyone. From the organisers (Robert and Andy), the oversees attendees (Gianni, Sandro, Alessandro and Chris), technical support (Steve C) and everyone else who brought equipment. And all the attendees who made the journey, short and long. Congratulations to Gianni, of course, for winning the tournament. Also to Robert and Sandro for winning the doubles event at the end.

For me, I was not sure what to expect. So many years have passed since I touched the CMS stick - I have occasionally played on the Amiga with my five year old, but shooters and beat-em-ups with the zipsticks. I am not even sure where my KO2 disks are and what version we are on these days. When I saw all the new functions, it was a real eye opener. The post-game schematics looked like something from missile command with all the lines, and where PBD was you now have APT, whatever that was (please no need to revisit those discussions for my benefit!).

I had already met some of the guys at the dinner the night before, which was very enjoyable. Met Ian and Chris for the first time, saw Ely again for the first time since Rickmansworth 2006 - still looking the same. He must be swigging from the elixir of eternal youth to keep looking so young!

So there I was on Saturday, catching up with Noodles and looking at the league table before it all kicked off. Even at the onset, I was bottom of the table and I was wondering where my points that day were going to come from. Between Noodles, Ian and myself, we deduced that the UKCs was like two leagues in the league. You had the elite guys from 1-8, and then five not-so-hot guys who would take points off each other. I guess I was probably a bit ambitious in hoping I could be the best of the rest and finish 9th. Oh why did I not practice? And then a voice in my head told me to close the hell above and just enjoy myself. No practice = no expectations = more fun. And watching a few friendlies, I realised I could be in for a long afternoon. I knew I needed to shake off the rust and it was probably best to do so against some of the better players and then, once I had remembered how to play, unleash my best against the ones in my mini-league at the bottom of the table. Stop it, I am analysing the league. Stop it, I told myself. Talk to somebody. Enjoy yourself. The kids are sorted for the day, hang out with the lads. So I did. It really was good to see everyone again and meet the new faces. The Vella brothers are hilarious, a real double act of deadpan one-liners. I overheard them calling out to each other during the tournament, "Have you played Giovanni yet? He's really good!"

Onto the games then, and first up was Gianni AKA Giovanni. Strategically, it was possibly the best first game I could hope for. I was going to get spanked about the pitch anyway, but it would be a good way to re-familiarise myself with the game mechanics and players mobility. Ten minutes of chasing Gianni's shadow gave me a good feel of how my players were moving and where to position them to disrupt attacks. Playing Gianni reminded me that the game offered so many ways to score and appreciate the skill required to execute them. I was a bit of a train wreck when it came to having the ball in front of goal, which wasn’t very often, but having no expectations and living in UK for so long meant it was difficult not to laugh at oneself. It was 8 v 0 in the end and possibly one of my better scores against the four-time world champion.

Next up, it was Alessandro. Much better account of myself and I kept the score down to 4 v 2. A bit of relief when I scored my first goal - at some point in the morning I had wondered if I would score at all during the day.
I then played Andy for the first time, the reigning world champion, and my defence had to be on form. It was probably the best defence I played on the day and gave Andy the false impression that I was half-decent. Still, 6 v 3 on paper looked respectable.

It all went wrong against Steve Camber, however! I cruised into a 3 v 1 lead only to fall to pieces. I have beaten Steve before and was thinking that I could get some points on the table and lift myself out of the bottom, but that sort of thinking is dangerous and Steve reminded me how lobs should be performed as he ran out a comfortable 10 v 3 winner.

So, four defeats out of four and bottom on goal difference. I finally took my first points of the day off Mark V. I saw Ian put nine past Mark in his previous game and knew he would be hurting and this could be a bad time to play him. I had to play my best KO2 to get a narrow lead at half-time and then some functional turtle/lob tactics to finishe 5 v 0. It wasn’t a pretty to win at all.

Onto Robert next and, whilst I have no regrets about how I played with 5-3-2 and the eventual 2 v 5 result, in hindsight I probably should have used Lockout. The result probably would not have changed, but at least I would have got more table bashing and colourful language out of him.

Steve E next and this was a nightmare for me. A 6 v 2 defeat in the end but it could and should have been heavier. Steve is so good now - I remember he once put Lockout on to defend a penalty in the early days, but within a couple years he was winning a UKC. In Saturday’s game, he gave me nothing in the headers, so goal kicks just came straight back at me. Such was his air supremacy that I had to resort to playing it on the deck and he is better at that than me. Again, in hindsight, I should have used Lockout, but more for damage limitation than anything else.

A 4 v 1 defeat against Chris followed. I knew that Chris was good but later found out that he reached the semis in a WC so I should be satisfied with keeping him down to four goals.

At that point, I started to feel like I was back to my best. With most of the elite players out of the way, I subsequently won three out of my last four games, against Noodles, John and Ely, and closed out a Lockout-assisted draw against Sandro. Those three victories were all tough and I came out of each one really feeling that I had worked hard for them. With Ely in particular, I knew he had late goals in him. He had also beaten Robert earlier in the day and I remember he beat Nikos at the Rickmansworth WC. He also nearly lost to a girl once, so you never know what you are going to get with Ely. A narrow victory is certainly what I would have settled for at the outset. With Sandro, I really felt I robbed him. He did score a couple of KO lobs but he also hit the woodwork several times. If we played the game again, he would definitely have comfortably won.

In conclusion, I beat the five below me and lost to seven of the eight above me. Ninth sounds about right. The Ely-Robert upset and my lucky point against Sandro meant I was closer to the “good” portion of the league than I should have been, but yes, I would have taken ninth all day long.

Thank you again for having me, UKCs.
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Re: UK Championship 2016 - Results

Postby Logos » Mon May 16, 2016 12:43 pm

Robert, thank you for making this happen, the venue was perfect, and I loved your choice of restaurants for Friday and Saturday night, I had a great laugh with all of you! Thank you to our overseas guests: Gianni, Sandro, Alessandro and Chris, for adding some international glamour to our UKC! Thank you to all the UK attendees that travelled from far and wide and to those that supplied the Amigas and monitors!

Great to see our newest competitors: the Vella brothers, I hope this is the first of many KOA tournaments for you chaps.

Steve E, I hope we see you at the next UKC with Garry and Simon, it was a real pleasure playing you again mate, (even though I lost!), maybe we'll see you at the Milan WC too?

Camber, we must never take for granted what you do, thank you so much for supplying equipment, disks, etc...

Congratulations to Gianni, our new UK Champion! A superb performance mate, in what was a very tough league!

(Robert, that huge CRT TV of yours must be used in every UK tournament from now on!)
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Re: UK Championship 2016 - Results

Postby manicx » Mon May 16, 2016 2:47 pm

Interesting results. Very interesting. Well done to all and congratulation to Gianni for winning and to Andy to be the No1 UK player.
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Re: UK Championship 2016 - Results

Postby Torchiador » Mon May 16, 2016 8:44 pm

Wow! amazing writes up! world cup class! thanks Waynie , John, Mark, Stephen and Andy! It is always nice to see the tournament from different points of view, your point of view.

Thanks Robert to make this happening again. thanks thanks thanks my friend!. Thanks everyone who helped sharing his precious hardware. BTW the Robert's BIG CRT was VERY good. a perfect shape, no blinking, even eye relaxing. be careful with it!
Of course a special thanks goes to Steve: how many amiga did you bring? 4? 5? :) laptop for streaming? 4 players cable to play the amazing KO2 Devis cup? and the last KO2CV 1.19?. you are always a precious resource of the KOA. thanks mate.
Thanks also to Andy to provide the nice medals end cups!
And of course a big thanks to you all who attended this Very Nice tournament, it's been an honour and a pleasure to spend time playing and chatting with you. Thanks!

About the tournament I'll write something these days, I took note of every game to better print in my mind the time line of the opponents and remarkable things.
Congratulation to Andy to be again the best UK player. although I stole your UK Crown, there will be time to grab it back on UK soil! Of course I'm planning the same treatment for the Holy Shield!
Congratulation to SteveE too! you are a great champion with very singular NOPBD skills! I saw you performing stuff that neither Gianluca nor Spyros can do in the opponent box. Amazing.
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Re: UK Championship 2016 - Results

Postby Lee W » Mon May 16, 2016 11:14 pm

gutted to have missed it, great to see it was a blast though, any vids taken?
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Re: UK Championship 2016 - Results

Postby Tripod » Tue May 17, 2016 7:18 am

Congrats to Gianni, adding another victory to his impressive palmares!
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Re: UK Championship 2016 - Results

Postby Robert » Thu May 19, 2016 1:51 am

Tripod wrote:Congrats to Gianni, adding another victory to his impressive palmares!



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