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Re: Discussion - Keeping the goalie on the pitch

Posted: Sun Dec 27, 2015 3:50 pm
by Logos
Reasoning and sense return to the KOA.

I've read insults, accusations and slurs aimed at what they call 'top players' from people that were welcomed with open arms and given plenty of our own precious time and attention to play and learn with. Words and phrases such as 'bug exploiters', 'cheats', 'playing only to win and not for fun', etc... So, who is the bully in this instance?

The irony is that 'fun' is the overriding factor and philosophy of the KOA and KOA tournaments, but in the last few weeks these people have sucked all the fun out. Just because you get smashed 12- 0 in a game, there is no need for you to turn into a whinging, moaning sore loser and accuse your opponent of 'cheating'. When I first played online, I was getting destroyed all the time, but never did I ever think that my opponent was a 'bug exploiter' or 'cheat' for scoring new goals that I had never seen before. Rather, I was amazed at the skill of my opponent and the depth of the gameplay. Every defeat fueled my motivation to learn and improve this beautiful game.

Now I see sore losers that rather than face this wonderful journey of challenge and adventure in tournament play, want to 'fix' the game. Well, be my guest, you can fix the game as much as you like, till your hearts content. Just know that here in the KOA, for 15 years we play KO2 in KOA tournaments. Perhaps KO2 is not for you, perhaps you'll find happiness in playing Final Whistle or some new evolution of it in tournaments. But do not come on our forum and insult and bully us with your own selfish agenda.

Re: Discussion - Keeping the goalie on the pitch

Posted: Sun Dec 27, 2015 5:02 pm
by kofoed
Btw. I look forward to Kick Off Revival and I support it. Also I'd like to add that I admire Dino Dini for his creations of Kick Off, Player Manager and Kick Off 2 but I don't share his philosophy about how all his viewpoints on the games are above anyone else's. Of course It's interesting to have conversation with him about the game as there are aspects of it that only he knows of. Other aspects he is quite behind on simply because he has not played the game to that extent that 50 people or more on this forum have.

Many players have different opinions on the game. However, it goes without saying that we cant play 50 different versions but we have to agree on one. We have reached the A=B, PBD selectable after years of discussions and in some cases quite nasty ones where people on both sides of the arguments have left, and some returned. We still discuss the Camber trap-fix and the (not so much anymore) autoslides. When we, with in fact a great deal of cordiality, use the term DDGameplay or namesakes then by that we mean that we want to preserve the version used in tournaments to be compatible with the originally most spread versions, the 1.4e and the Oracle cracked one. This is very much to care for newcomers to the scene and not the opposite which has been falsely claimed these last weeks.

Dino would most certainly be welcome to end his voluntary withdrawal once more and take part in the forum and it would be great if he could respect that we are not some bunch of fanatics listening, following and obeying the one true god Dino Dini, but rather a group dedicated to discuss and play his 25 year old football game and to keep up the tradition of the yearly World Cup which now goes soon 15 years back. Instead of feeling solely pride of this he has decided that we're not he fans he prefers so he has gone on a different path building a society of his own.

Re: Discussion - Keeping the goalie on the pitch

Posted: Sun Dec 27, 2015 5:52 pm
by Freshmaker
Andy and Jacob.

I salute you.

Re: Discussion - Keeping the goalie on the pitch

Posted: Mon Dec 28, 2015 3:03 pm
by alkis21
Offensive comments removed and thread locked.

I know visitors to feel lonely and bored trying to talk to the same 3-4 people all day long in their depressive habitats, but that gives them no right to come here and try to pick up a fight just so they can cry about being bullied again.