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Re: Summaries of the 2015 KO2WC

Posted: Wed Dec 30, 2015 11:46 am
by r.cross
Haha, but I'm seriously looking forward to your story, Jorn.

Re: Summaries of the 2015 KO2WC

Posted: Wed Dec 30, 2015 2:27 pm
by Freshmaker
It's under preparations, but things take time these days...

Re: Summaries of the 2015 KO2WC

Posted: Wed Dec 30, 2015 9:33 pm
by Freshmaker
The 2015 KO2WorldCup - Dublin, Ireland.

As every world cup, this started when it was settled on what bid the KOA would go for. Naturally I voted for the Swedish bid, but I have to admit that Danny’s enthusiam was contageus. It was really early that Danny came to me for both info on bidding, and I did what I could to assist. Throughout the process we ended up having, more or less, daily communications for at least 6 months, leading up till the world cup.
Danny impressed me early on with his enthusiasm, and when Pedro came to me to ask if it would be a good thing if he jumped on board the road to Dublin was set.
Having Pedro on board for this world cup had another win to it for me personally, and that was that I’d finally get to meet my good friend (through the last 13 years) and brother from another mother. Perfect!!!
As for other co-organizers:
Gianni. I can’t see there being a world cup without his magnificent organising-skills. He’s not only the King, and the player to beat, but he’s also KEY to the world cup.
Winger. I think the KOA needs to adopt him.

In the lead-ups to the World Cup I’d tried to focus a bit on playing online, you know, to hone my skillz. Online I’d aquianted this newcomer to the KOA, known as Lee. Through having played lots of matches with him online, he showed himself as a true lobber and a master of the banter. A true cunt. Spending lots of talks during the weekend cememted that impression, and he totally deserved his name; Filthy Lobber-Lee Snow; the basterd son of Camber.

When leaving home, I met up with Jacob at the airport. As a true Swede he prefers to travel from Copenhagen Airport. Perfect. Got some good talks in.

Thanks to Danny’s FAQ it was quite easy to get from the airport to the hotel. Oh, and about the hotel!!! Bloody amazing!!! Quality stafff, hotel built as a maze, and it felt like being at sea… I think we need a new Dublin World Cup, just for the hotel. :)

Right after I arrived I had a text from Camber, who was already there. Perfect! Got a quick chat, before heading out for a bit to eat.

Later we had that lovely friday; being at the hotel, meeting up with people as the arrived. Probably the best feeling in the world. I finalized friday night by assisting Oliver with his check-in, as he had some difficulties getting into his room (sharing with Fabio, booked in Fabio’s name, Oliver trying to get access by claiming it was booked in his name…)

Saturday morning started with a fantastic breakfast at this amazing hotel, then off to the gameroom. And what a gameroom!!! Very much rustic, huuuuge windows, rather cold, water dripping in through holes in the ceiling, spacious, and that feeling of walking into the room, seeing all the amigas set up, all our flags hanging from the ceiling, loads of other retro-stuff around. Oh, it was heaven. A bit chill, but heaven :)
Oh, and free beer!!! What a treat! We was drinking stout for free for 2 days, and that stout was perfect for just that. It’s such a slow drink you won’t get drunk, unlike if you slurp down lager or pilsener the whole weekend. And it was such a pleasure to see all these known faces again. And to see all the new faces as well! Good advertising pays off.

After a short while of friendlies, we came to the opening ceremonies. And I have to say I LOVED the 8-bit anthems. We need to have that as a fixed thing for future world cups. The only thing i missed was a presentation of the players names. Get that in, and we’ve got a total winner!!!

Then we started the games. I gotta admit, I don’t remember much of those. I kinda won the ones I was “supposed” to win, lost the ones I was “supposed” to lose… Rather then remembering all matches, I remember the things that stuck out. First of all, my match with spanish newcomer Jaume. We had Zappa as ref, and just like our regular spaniard, Jaume plays a filthy game. His players was sliding all over the place, and in 6 fouls Zappa provided poor Jaume with no less than 4 red cards. I was laughing so hard it was difficult to focus on playing. In the end I won 3-2 I think. Kept me laughing all up until my game with a Dearden-brother. Namely Charley, if I’m not mistaken. As a good man with fair-play all over him, he informed me of S.Screech being our ref. Naturally I adjusted my slide-tackles to a minimum, while Charley started by having Simpson sent off, followed by having Cox sent off early in second half. So, facing an opponent playing with both his Simpson and his Cox out, what do you do? You send up long, hard balls to his mid-defence, and it was a simple walk-through. I’d gotten something to releave me of the laugh Jaume gave me, and it was a new total laugh :) I love ko2!!!

My final match of part 1 was with Lee. We’d both been putting that match off, cause we play such a bloody even game, and it looked like it would be between the two of us, who would go to the World Cup and who would go to the Silver Cup. The worst most tense match of the day so far, and as usually we where so bloody close it ended in a 2-2 draw, meaning I pulled through to the World Cup, facing a day two filled with losses, while he’d go to the Silver Cup - and eventually steal the trophy I’ve been having my eyes on for 10 years now. Bastard!!!

Part 2 was basically a series of (heavy) losses. I saved the few matches I could win to the very last, and eventually I faced the great Michele for the match deciding for 15th and 16th place. I managed to win that, securing me a 15th place.

After that it was just to focus on the big-screen games. Watching the top players battle it out. Man, do I love that. Just sitting there, having beers, something to eat, chatting and shouting. Love it! And what do you know? Andy finishing top of the world? A very well deserved win, and a gracious loss by Gianni. And we even got to see Oliver winning bronze!!! Amazing. I was also very happy to see Pedro snatching the Bronze Cup, and it was fun to finally see Dino NOT winning the Shirt of Shame. So it was a nice gesture to have a back up for him.
Also, I have to say, it was a pleasure to get to spend some time with Steve Screech, one of the nicest blokes I know.

The it was time for trophees and awards and all, and from some wild idea they chose to give me an award. I was called up to get the Lifetime Achievement Award. And, well, yes, it put a tear to my eye. I needed to sit down and calm down a bit before I could manage to deliver something of a proper thank you and a speach. And just to be totally honest; As I said, I’ve been having my eyes on that Silver Cup for the last 10 years now, and I was a bit gutted I didn’t get it this year, but coming home with the LAA was even better. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that.

And to finalize it all, I spent an hour sunday night recording and interview with Dino, for the Aftertouch Podcast. I’m working on editing it, but stuff takes time…

Then it was the dark hours, saying good-bye to all my friends, having to wait another year to get back…

On the good side of that FÖKOF is on the move, so we’ll be hosting a few rounds throughout the year, and I’m BOOKED for the Italian Champs.

Re: Summaries of the 2015 KO2WC

Posted: Wed Dec 30, 2015 10:25 pm
by Rodolfo
Loved it, Jørn. Thanks, and congratulations again for the big award.

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Posted: Wed Dec 30, 2015 10:56 pm
by Lee W
ahh... almost reliving it... nice write up :D

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Posted: Thu Dec 31, 2015 3:16 pm
by Logos
Thanks Jorn, cannot wait till next WC!