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Posted: Fri Nov 14, 2014 7:04 am
by Freshmaker
Great story Gianni. Thanks. And some really nice pictures too.

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Posted: Fri Nov 14, 2014 9:21 am
by Rodolfo
Beautiful stories and pictures, thank you!

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Posted: Fri Nov 14, 2014 8:50 pm
by durban
Amazing writeup Gianni and some amazing pictures...

Lots in fact, no no don't worry about my bandwidth ;)

Good work !

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Posted: Sat Nov 15, 2014 8:13 am
by alkis21
Torchiador wrote:And Above all, that Fabio in my group was second: that could mean a possible Kick Off House World Cup Final. A dream that we are following since 2006 when we missed it due to my elimination in the semi final with Spyros while Mario reached the final.
Spyros again broke the dream the following year in Rome. we could even have a Kick Off House World Cup final between 2 brothers: Sandro and I.
Spyros again eliminated Fabio in semi final in Voitsber 2009 while I reached the final.
Well, I completely agree the decision of Spyros to abandon the international scene and dedicate his spare time to ride bicycle now. Well done man, continue on that way. I’m all with you.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

A world class write up! Thank you so much!

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Posted: Sat Nov 15, 2014 11:58 pm
by Torchiador
You are welcome! I realized that was always Spyros just right I was writing! Oh yes, Spyros kicked out me in Rickmansworth. Who kicked out Sandro in Rome? damn, Spyros again! bastard. and Voitsberg Who stopped Fabietto in the semis? ! hell it was Spyros again!!!! Luckily in Voitsberg I paid him with his same coin. Probably he didn't like much the taste of the Silver medal...

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Posted: Tue Nov 18, 2014 8:39 am
by Abyss
Haha, yeah, Spyros, the Milan-beater! (In my last game against Gianni I think I lost 11-5 though :) )

It's been five years since that final in Voitsberg! Wow...

I enjoy reading these write ups almost as much as I enjoyed participating guys!

See you at a Gran Fondo!

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Posted: Tue Nov 18, 2014 10:50 am
by Torchiador
your memory is good, Spyros! with that match I won the Greek title in 2011! I was behind there and only the victory could gave me the first position! in one of the hardest league tournaments I joined so far! Alkis had his first victory on me!
I decided to win in great style then! ;)

Anyway man you are wrong: writes ups could be nice, but nothing is like to be really there.
Really hope to see you back in the fight next World Cup. although it will mean some Milanese will be kicked out from you!

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Posted: Thu Dec 04, 2014 12:42 am
by Torchiador

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Posted: Thu Dec 18, 2014 3:14 pm
by hogstrom
Better late than never?

Thanks Jörn for arranging this Wcup in Köpenhamn on your own - a huge task which i believe you did really well!

It felt great to finally be back for a great weekend with friends and ko2! It´s been a long absence since last time (Dusseldorf 2010).

When i had not played human opposition in several years I was desperate to get some practice. On Friday night after dinner out at good restaurant located at "Dildostreet" we headed back to the hotel. Alessandro joined us (very popular with Harry and Olivia! Well, here as well). His english has clearly improved since last time :) After this, back at the hotel, we (me, Oliver and Alessandro) tried in vain to get the amiga connected with the TV at Olivers hotelroom. Disappointed we had to give up just when Mark (just as disappointed!) came over with his joystick.

This with playing ko2 in the hotelrooms has been something of a tradition on my behalf - is this no longer possible because of these damn new flashy TV´s?! :evilo:

Thus, Saturday morning I left early to get my friendlies. I played three games vs Oliver. Lost all three. Not good. Even if he finished 10:th, I believe his better now compared to earlier. Then I had several games vs my two Swedish colleagues, Jacob and Torgny, and finished with two games vs one of the two great norwegians, Christopher. Lost all three vs Oliver, but i won the rest (if i recall correct) - so It felt good getting into the tournament with that form.

Day 1

10-4 vs Michele. I started vs Michele that I never played earlier. He took the lead immidiately with a proper finish. Then I equlised. Right after this he scored 2-1 with another cool finish. Family was behind and i recall i said to them that - "Jäklar, han är riktigt bra i avsluten!" = Damn, he´s a really good finisher! I stressed myself up a bit and would never have guessed that in the end I would win this with 10-4. One beer was needed after this. One thought, how on earth could Michele end up in the game of shame?!

Games not in order after this

1-8 vs Gianni. As result indicates I had no chance at all vs Gianni. He was at a completely different level.

4-2 vs Mark. Mark stopped more or less all blc´s and kept my total scoring account to three goals. No doubt, he´s a very strong defender. Basically I needed his great long distance own goal to win this. A shame that goal was not recorded because it was one of the better goals I saw during this Wcup! Kind gesture.

8-2 vs Jörn. It felt like Jörn was not at present in this match with his mind instead directed at organisational stuff. Classy organisator syndrom this result.

11-1 vs Helmut. It must have been my first game vs Helmut, even though I´ve met him before. No pleasure scoring double digits vs nice guys like him.

8-1 vs Peter Sommer. strange player, he is often in the lower parts of the tables, but I suggest he can defend well. Not checked stats from earlier meetings vs him, but It would not suprise me if this was my biggest win vs him. Watched Peter´s second half vs Christopher where Peter gave the norwegian a really hard time when searching for the equliser with scores 3-4 with short time left of the match. A player that could improve quite alot with practicing finishing.

5-1 vs Wolf. Same goes for Wolf, even if often in the lower parts of the tables I rarely scores many on Wolf. Just like Peter Sommer he can defend, and with some practice on finishing I suggest he could improve as a Ko2-player.

1-1 vs Andy. Andy is a better ko2-player than me. Thus, I used lockout combined with falcon, 80/20 %. Could be considered as a booring game with such low scores, but I do believe that both of us enjoyed this hard fought game! This is a player I would have liked to play more games with. Good result in the end grinding this draw out.

2-2 Mario. Same here, Mario is lethal with his offside goals, and 4-2-4 or Falcon is just suicide vs him. Thus, I stayed on lockout on at least 4/5 of the match. Another good result vs a player that I consider sharper than me.

9-4 vs Sandro. Regarding this result I say: Wow! I beat my nemesis with 9-4! Insane. Im quite sure I never beaten him before. His Ko-lobs was for the first time not THAT successful, bearing that he did not score from more or less all of his tries, rather 1/3. Also, I had three penalties against me during this weekend and two of them was vs Sandro - and my Fisher saved both!

3-5 vs Christopher. Even though I beat him in our warmup games, he proved too difficult in this match. Great wingattacks (!), has something of a speciality thrue his wingers stealing ground and cutting in towards the goal, forcing Fisher behind his goal. Great player.

2-7 Gianluca. Gianluca gave me no chance at all. I played him twice before this match and same story. Just as Gianni, he is on another level than me.

I recall that that It felt like a good first day for me. Losing out vs the top-3, but nicking points vs Andy, Mario and Sandro was all in all a good performance.

After this dinner out :) We talked with the receptionist at the hotel about the Tivoli area, and the woman in the reception said that "But I do not see any children among you?". That decided it. Tivoli is for children and southern Europeans. So we decided to not join the Italians and Alkis to the Tivoli area. After Jacob led us in halfcircles and thrue somewhat scary lanes, using his phone as a map, we finally had an all nordic dinner together. Great dinner with plenty of ko2-talk, Soviet submarines, swedish politics etc etc.

To be continue...

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Posted: Thu Dec 18, 2014 9:39 pm
by Freshmaker
GREAT John. So cool to get some World Cup joy back on the forums :)
I guess I gotta finish my story soon...


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Posted: Sat Dec 20, 2014 1:18 am
by hogstrom
Day 2

I recall i looked at opposition players before starting day 2, realising that it looked very hard reaching my target (Q-finals).

6-3 vs Thor. His first Wcup and a very good performance on day 1, keeping both Oliver and Camber behind him in the table. Well done reaching a respectable 9:th position! This was a hard fought game and the rather safe scores (6-3) do not reflect how tight this encounter really was. Key win and three very important points.

5-7 vs Gianni. This is a game I was pleased with, even if losing it. If I was outclassed on day 1 vs Gianni, then I really turned up here. Load encounter with both cheering our goals and I do believe I followed him up to 4-4 sometime during second half (?) - which is good enough considering what a great player he is and, also, considering the demolition he caused on day 1 winning with huge numbers. Here I stayed on Lockout more or less all thrue the match and I would like to recall that all my goals but possible one of them was scored whenusing Lockout. I would like also to add that I do believe that Gianni, as well as Gianluca, is one of these very few players that tend to score goals out of something one never realising is a decent chance before the ball is in the back of the net. for me It provides a similiar feeling when you play a realy good player that you never faced before and thus have no clue what will come attackingwise. Ok. Still, zero points.

6-3 vs Jacob. Rivalry status surrounding this match and this in a very positive manner :) Last time in Dusseldorf he did beat me rather easily on day two, which puched be down the basement regarding final positions. Considering this I was happy taking full three points from this one. Very good second day for Jacob, same points as Thor and Sandro and in the end reaching respectable 11:th position.

3-5 vs Fabio. Key game if reaching Q-finals and, also, very important game If I should be able to avoid Dagh in the Q-finals. The result 3-5 looks better than the game actually was regarding my performance. No real chance of taking points here, which, at this point, was disappointing considering that I have done better earlier vs him. Now, looking back 3-5 was not bad at all considering what a great Wcup Fabio had. He entered the Q-finals undefeated on day 2. I watched his great 9-9 draw vs Gianni, load game with both cheering their goals and I must say It was a fairly deserved draw for Fabio. Added to this his heroic display vs Dagh sending him out of the Wcup in the semifinals, then 3-5, even if more or less with no chance, is not that bad. Still, I zero points from this encounter pushed me towards maybe not reaching the Qfinals, and if reaching QF, then Dagh would be very likely opposition player. Not good.

5-8 vs Steve Camber. Steve missed loads of opportunities before he started scoring goals. My Cox was carrried out in the first half and I wonder If the sub was actually laying down more than he was standing up. Even with Cox on the field I would have lost this match, but with him out I leaked loads of goals. Im not surprised, Steve tend to beat me In our games.

3-4 vs Gianluca. Second game vs Gianluca during this weekend. Here I was actually delivering respectable scores, losing out narrowly. Still, memory tells me that the 3-4 loss could have been worse.

5-3 vs Sandro. Much tighter game this one. At 2-2 or 3-3 my fisher saved a penalty and straight afterwords I scored 3-2, or if it was 4-3. This very much helped me win this one. A bit lucky winning this one I have to say.

Ok. I reached the Q-finals which I and others knew that was a difficult task considering caliber of opposition players. Still, I was miles behind the top-3 in the group and deserved to face the best of oppostion in the Q-final.

5-19 (two legs) vs Dagh. If I had the opportunity to choose, then I would have chosen Dagh as opponent ahead of Gianni. This when I always thought that I have slightly better chances vs Dagh, Im not suggesting that one is better than the other, It´s rather the case of internal advantage/disadvantage - just like I would seven days a week chose Robert Swift ahead of Steve Camber. I got It wrong when we started much earlier than the other Q-finals, but that did not matter - Dagh provided the heaviest double match defeat ever for me :dead: Leaking 19 goals in two games is something I have never experienced before. His excellent short straight crosses from the right, followed with a heading into the net, caused massive damage. Horrible, and for the first time ever In Ko2 tournaments I did not take these defeats well. Sorry for that Dagh. Embarrasing is the keyword here.

Only one beer did not do after this and a long break followed, maybe as much as two hours, and this break was likely something I needed. I cruised around in the tournamentroom and watched the other Q-finals. Gianni got his revenge vs Andy, In the second leg Alkis managed to send Gianluca out while Christopher suffered heartbreak last second goal vs Fabio wich sent him out. The disappointment about the superdefeat of Dagh was slowly substituted by a more positive feeling bearing: - Hey, John! Cheer up! You can still equal the earlier two 6:th position in Wcups!

11-8 (two legs) vs Christopher. Chistopher had far less time than me to recover from his unlucky departure vs Fabio, and maybe this influenced his performance? Difficult to say. Anyhow, my blc´s worked really well in these two matches and for some reason Christopher generally seem to have difficulties defending against them, and, also, Im quite sure he struggled breaking down the lockout-formation which I used for large parts. Again, Im quite sure that If using 4-2-4 vs 4-2-4, then Chistopher would prevail, this when he is a stronger midfield player than me. Great Ko2-player, I would suggest he´s got potential to win a future Wcup.

Winning vs Christopher sequred the 6:th place and, also, with a tiny, tiny chance to reach 5:th place :gban:

6-6 (two legs) vs Gianluca. I had no real hope winning against Gianluca. In the past I had lost all games vs the Italian, some narrowly, and some with less amusing scores. winning one game, like I did vs Alkis in Rome 2008, is one thing - surviving 20 minutes is a completely differant story.

First of all It should be said that the first game was restarted at scores 0-0 after Gianluca scored 1-0, this when It was not possible to change tactics the normal way. A true gentleman! Compliments. After restarting the match I stayed for large parts on Lockout and in the last 1/3 of the match I barely touched the ball. Gianluca dominated play completely! It was desperate defending with sliding defenders all around, and I can only thank (1) luck, (2) my son that kept on telling me to "skjuuut långskott, skjut långskott!" (must have been disturbing for Gianluca), and (3) unlucky finishing by Gianluca which helped the scores staying on close 3-4.

My hands was all wet after the first match, so I needed to wash them before I could start the second match. - Great memory of Ko2-tension! Going into the second match with the same lockout-attitude would just not work - It would end up with Gianluca again having all possession and as a result of that more desperate defending would be needed. So I decided to follow Thor´s advice = using a more attacking formation. But I skipped Falcon and used a bit more balanced 4-2-4 instead, and I used It much more than I did in the first match, maybe 50/50. I had my 8:th or 9:th beer of the day and I would suggest that (1) very effective blc-finishing was one key in this second leg as well as during the extra time, and, also (2) It should be said that Gianluca continued missing very good chances in this second match was absolutely decisive.

To summarize: taking a super player like Gianluca, even if untrained, to extratime after two matches and by that reaching the 5:th place is without a doubt the best I have experienced concering Kickoff2. Take this as a compliment Gianluca, that Im delighted of reaching even scores after 20 minutes should tell how high I regard you as a player. (Sorry for the wall of text about this encounter, it´s all because this was somewhat special for me).

It felt bad leaving before the semifinals and when I sat on the train and saw flashes on the phone about Fabio provided a huge upset vs Dagh, then I realised I had missed something special. Bad planning here. What If I would have reached the semifinals for the first time? Then I would have missed my train! I´ll never leave on a Sunday again. Again, It was absolutely great to see you all again! I´ll do all I can to travel to the next Wcup of 2015. Also, thank you Jörn for providing us this and for letting us stay with you early on.

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Posted: Sat Dec 20, 2014 1:20 am
by hogstrom
Yup, I finished mine before you finished yours, Jörn. Org. syndrome :D

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Posted: Sat Dec 20, 2014 10:16 pm
by Torchiador
John, fantastic write up, thank you very much, as you wrote, better late than never!
The way you wrote about your final with Gianluca, means a lot to me. you confirmed what I think about the tournament: in a world cup there isn't just a world cup final: this year we had 13 world cup finals. it is the spirit of competition. of course it is amazing to stay all together in a sort of big family feeling, that feeling of gathering and retro spirit, but the spirit of competition is not secondary.
As I wrote already, I was pleased to see you again, a Thor's storm will strike you if you dare to miss a world cup again! :)