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Brum Retro Night

Posted: Thu Jul 11, 2013 3:52 pm
by gdh82

Last month's super 16-player shootout was followed up by the smaller but perferctly formed 4-man "Returners Cup" on Tuesday. Me and Ste turned spectator and even occasional exhibition match players haha at the hot hot hot 8bit Lounge.

Birmingham XLIII

1. James Br, England, KOA debut, 8)
2. Ian L, England, KOA debut, 8)
3. Martin Bl, England, KOA debut, 8)
4. David E, England, KOA debut, 8)

Yes, ALL KOA debuts!

Here's the results and for more details, here's the blog.... ... it-lounge/

James Br 1 - 0 Ian L
Martin Bl 0 - 0 David E (2-0 after penalties)

Martin Bl 0 - 4 James Br