Koenigswinter #48

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Koenigswinter #48

Postby Cornelius » Thu Jul 04, 2013 10:17 pm

On Friday the 28th of June we met again for some KickOff. Same participants as the last two times :

Gustl V - France
Udo T - Italy
Carsten P - Germany
Michael L - Spain
Cornelius H - Sweden

1.round :
Carsten P 0 - 1 Cornelius H
Gustl V 0 - 0 Udo T
Michael L 4 - 1 Carsten P
Cornelius H 8 - 0 Gustl V
Udo T 0 - 6 Michael L
Carsten P 4 - 0 Gustl V
Cornelius H 5 - 0 Udo T
Michael L 5 - 0 Gustl V
Udo T 0 - 5 Carsten P
Cornelius H 4 - 0 Michael L

2.round :
Cornelius H 3 - 1 Carsten P
Udo T 0 - 0 Gustl V
Carsten P 2 - 5 Michael L
Gustl V 0 - 7 Cornelius H
Michael L 10 - 0 Udo T
Gustl V 0 - 4 Carsten P
Udo T 0 - 6 Cornelius H
Gustl V 0 - 4 Michael L
Carsten P 3 - 2 Udo T
Michael L 3 - 1 Cornelius H


Not completly sober, I made a mistake in counting the goals and told Michael he won by goal difference.
Sorry I had to dissapoint you after recounting the numbers. :mrgreen:

But at least you won the trophies for the top-scorer (E.Kemp 17 goals, 2nd sweden's J.Palmer 15 goals, 3rd spain's R.Gregory 7 goals) and the most different scorers (9 players, followed by Sweden with 7 and Germany with 6 players).

Only the "Cup of cards" was clearly out of reach for any of us except Udo : He gathered an impressiv number of 14 yellow and 6 red cards. This is definitly not the road to success, as the table shows, especially if many of the fouls happen in your penalty box. If Michael was a better penalty shooter, I would have lost the tournament. :lol:

I would like to state, that it was a hard earned victory, but the word narrow describes it better. In fact, it was a f**king narrow victory.
But the good thing is, that we are very close together concerning our play strength. And this definitly includes Carsten, at least in his games against me. Somehow he has more problems against Michael, which is kind of a handycap for me, since there are two opponents I can easily lose again, while Michael faces just one challenger.
Seems like I need to improve my gameplay.
Have to play more games.
Need more opponents.
Have to organise more tournaments...

F**k, I'm a KickOff-addict ! Image
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Oliver St
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Re: Koenigswinter #48

Postby Oliver St » Fri Jul 05, 2013 8:19 am

I will never understand how someone can be so addicted...

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Re: Koenigswinter #48

Postby Torchiador » Mon Jul 08, 2013 2:56 pm

ahahaha, nice one Cornelius!
and also nice work cheating Michael with the numbers! well done!
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Re: Koenigswinter #48

Postby gdh82 » Thu Jul 11, 2013 3:53 pm

I always read the Kingswinter antics with a big smile :) Keep it up lads! 8)
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