Koenigswinter #45 the duels at dawn continue

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Koenigswinter #45 the duels at dawn continue

Postby Cornelius » Fri Apr 26, 2013 12:15 am

Same situation as last tourny (#44) :
We met again after a nocturnal table soccer tournament in our disco, but this time we managed to start a little bit earlier.
So on sunday the 14th at half past four in the morning, four perfectly sober gentlemen gathered together at my place for some civilised matches of KickOff. :D
Andreas was not with us, but beside him, we were the same participants :

Udo T - Italy
Carsten P - Germany
Michael L - Spain
Cornelius H - Sweden

For Carsten it was already his third competition that (long satur)day - he started his 24 hour sportsday with a table tennis match on saturday afternoon. And since table tennis in germany is traditionally combined with beer drinking, this wasn't a small handicap. Respect to your condition. :bow:

Even bigger respect had to be payed to Michael for his special shirt. It was from his favourite soccer club Schalke with the number 9 and E.Kemp on the back. Most professional appearance ever seen for KickOff. Again :bow:
Less professional was my reaction to it. Completly stunned, I forgot to take a picture of Michael. Have to do it next time - sorry folks.

Although we started nearly as late, we played three complete rounds. Not because we were faster than the last time, but because we continued playing and partying until early afternoon. I wonder what my neighbours thought of me, hearing such noises coming out of my darkenend apartement on a sunny sunday. :roll:

1.round :
Udo T 0 - 9 Michael L
Carsten P 1 - 2 Cornelius H
Michael L 4 - 1 Carsten P
Cornelius H 6 - 0 Udo T
Udo T 0 - 2 Carsten P
Cornelius H 5 - 0 Michael L

2.round :
Michael L 7 - 0 Udo T
Cornelius H 3 - 1 Carsten P
Carsten P 2 - 6 Michael L
Udo T 0 - 10 Cornelius H
Carsten P 1 - 0 Udo T
Michael L 1 - 3 Cornelius H

3.round :
Udo T 1 - 9 Michael L
Carsten P 0 - 5 Cornelius H
Michael L 3 - 3 Carsten P
Cornelius H 3 - 0 Udo T
Udo T 0 - 1 Carsten P
Cornelius H 3 - 1 Michael L


For the statistic-freaks among us :
- unchallenged topscorer of the night : Michael's #9 E.Kemp with 23 hits, next my #9 J.Palmer with 18
- an impressiv number of nine different scorers for Michael, followed by seven for me and five for Carsten
- the "Cup of cards" once again goes to Udo with 5 yellow and 2 red cards, closely followed by Michael with one red less.

Sadly Michael's performance couldn't keep up with his appearance, although his goal-getter Kemp seemed to be highly inspired by it, scoring goal after goal.
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Re: Koenigswinter #45 the duels at dawn continue

Postby gdh82 » Sun May 05, 2013 3:33 pm

Always enjoy the snippets of stories behind the scenes, Cornelius. :lol: :) Keep having fun, fellas! 8)
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