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KOOHL 10 - 3rd May 2008

Posted: Sun May 04, 2008 9:24 pm
by Steve1977
Well done to Greg!! Image Greg kept his koohl to finish No.1 spot and end the evening of tournies on a high! A superb performance which will hopefully be the first of many!


Steve E,3,Mark W,3,
Garry C,1,Greg N,4,
Garry C,1,Steve E,3,
Greg N,2,Mark W,1,
Steve E,1,Greg N,2,
Mark W,1,Garry C,6,
Mark W,2,Steve E,7,
Greg N,7,Garry C,1,
Steve E,2,Garry C,3,
Mark W,5,Greg N,0,
Greg N,2,Steve E,4,
Garry C,5,Mark W,5,