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Forums Update

Postby manicx » Thu Feb 26, 2004 1:00 pm

It is clear that in the last few months a few things changed in the community. It is obvious that less people are visiting the forums. I am thinking of certain changes:

a) Myself and Alkis will try and get a definite answer on the future of UPM and KO2004. Therefore, I will rearrange the forums.

b) Moderators: There will be ONE moderator for each forum and ONE global moderator. There is no need to have many moderators doing nothing. This way, there will be greater control over the forums since the most active people will stay as moderators and I will be able to monitor things. I expect current moderators to contact me and let me know whether they would like to stay or not as moderators. I would really like to ask one thing:

Moderator is not about higher status. I may be in the position to ask people to stop being moderators. This is not because I don't like them. It is simply a functionality thing. So, although some people may like having the dark green colour in their name, I hope they won't get offended if it is light green.

c) New forum: With the unexpected arrival of Cattenacio.... sorry I mean Throw In, I would like to set up a new forum for the new game. This is going to be a forum like KO2002. A relative page will be created on the main KO Site since this is a very promising game on its own (even people who have no idea about KO2 may find it very entertaining).

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