Last Ninja 4

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Last Ninja 4

Postby manicx » Fri Oct 31, 2003 11:39 am

Why does everything have to be 3D these days. FFSSSSS. A game like that has to be super duper good to appeal in 12 year old kids with seXBOXes and PS2s. But, then again, how many kids are impressed by Ninjas in 2003? FFS! If they have done this using a clever 3D issometric view with real 3D sprites just like a real 3D version of the original, it could have been perfect. Most gamers with 8-bit background (and especially the C64 ones) would get to buy this game.

Now, it will be just another 3D game. This is crap. Very annoyed that they spoiled the game Last Ninja.... Last Ninja 4 my ass!

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