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Durban's Inferno

Postby durban » Wed Aug 27, 2003 11:57 am

You have repented for all your sins, all that you have done has been for the good of the KOA. You will be remembered in kind light and will live forever without turmoil or regret for things that you have said. People will often refer to you as New or Old but you will remain yourself throughout.
No remorse will be brought against you as, after all, you played Just for fun. (You share this level with Ely and Durban)

Level 1 - Shame
You have lived as you will be received, upon opening your eyes each day you will see the light from above and wish that you could have changed things that you did. However all will not be lost, the winds will blow fair and you will oft be released from your binds and will travel the levels below and feel sorrow for those who have fallen further than you. As you lived this way so you shall eternally pass into a realm of pity of others and hope eternal for resumation. You may have played Just for fun but to often you would spend too much precious effort on avoiding the true happiness to be found amongs others. (You share this level with Danny Dineen and Stainy)

Level 2 - The Fallen Pits
Too much time was spent in trying to develop that which you hated most. You loathe the things you tried to achieve and yet you carried on down your path of most regret eyeing those who had more than you with deep hatred. Your only defence was that you also sought the happiness brought about by playing just for fun. You shall not be able to again feel the joy of a victory as you will forever be banished to 0-0 draws for all eternity. Your own goals have become unbreachable and you shall always have memories to haunt and disturb you from that one goal that on which you relied too much. (You share this level with Jaaacob and Martin Jeffrey)

Level 3 - Contamination
Although not evil you are aware of your wrong doings to others. You would use your own lack of morality to drag down those around you. A friendly face would be proffered whilst behind the mask lay a soul of tormented wanton. Those around you will offer you comfort in your lament but you will not be able to accept this as you know it to be false. The Mud in which you lay is wretched and the stench reminds you of a time when Pizza was your sacred meal. You have lost yourself in pity and regret, every hour you wish to be your last. So much more you would have achieved had you only been wise to the pitfalls of such cowardice.
(You share this level with Martin Beard and Steve Camber)

Level 4 - Poetic Justice
The wind howls thru your locks and tangles you to the walls onto which you must scratch with bloody fingernails the stories that you wish others to read. You must spend eternity with a glimmer of hope that someone else will join you in your pitied hell and be able to share with you stories of old. You beg for forgiveness from the unseen voice that stirs in the dark, you cannot make out the words and this will ultimately drive you to the depths of depravity whilst you hair grows longer still. Echoes of the taunts you used so many times in your life will now rake against every part of your soul causing worms to crawl out of your eyes and bury themselves in the walls. The demons arrount you taunt you by doing their special but you can only watch in disgust as you can't get it off them can you. (You share this level with Trevor)

Level 5 - Incramation
Your hell will be to live eternal in a dungeon so deep and rank that no light will enter here save for the lights in the eyes of others who may pass thru to see the fate that has befallen you. Too many times did you fall in life and use others to climb back up into the towers. Your own family were first to feel your wrath as you abused and tormented them with your higher positon. Your hell will contain a myriad of old women of which you have no concern, begging endlessly for someone younger and more suited. You will be fed a diet of gruel, tasteless and bitter whilst from above the smell of the perfect pizza will drift down angering you even more. Your skin will itch and peel as you scratch the infernal insects that crawl through from the pit of your stomach and out of your ears. You cannot move your head to look above and you cannot see below to obtain any thankfullness from those underneath you, this is your hell and you must live with it. (You share this level with James Beard ffsm!)

Level 6 - Pastergatory (The Third position)
The level of hell which torments the soul with images of those who are happy and content. You can feel the joy of the contented as if burns your very existence in this place. You body is wripped apart by the waves of fire and you cannot ever feel whole again. Your mind will be littered with the words of those whom you betrayed and your life will endlessly pass before you with all the good bits cut out. Your feet shall be pierced by dull needles whilst your eyes will be stung by hells bees. Your heart will be drained of blood and filled with the bile of all you have forsaken.
You will scream and make noises in an attempt to be noticed, but there is no-one here who will pay you any heed. There are no tables here to be banged and yet each hand will urge for the wooden veneer and the safety of the excuse. There is no-where to hide from the fear that haunts you the most, you will be destined in eternity to finish third. (You share this level with Robert Swift) be continued....
No longer the only UK based Liverpool, Nottingham Forest and Crewe supporter in the whole of the KOA!!!

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