Help - Cartoony Artist Type needed Urgently

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Help - Cartoony Artist Type needed Urgently

Postby durban » Tue Aug 05, 2003 9:28 am

Can anyone please have a go at the following.

It needs to be an original drawing (no stealing from the net) of a cartoony dog with a bone in its mouth.

I think some sort of scruffy black and brown dog would be cool, but anything will be accepted.

I need it to be in Bmp, Jpg or Png format and any size but good quality for a webpage logo type thing.

Also the dog should be sat next to (or behind) a cartoon hole in the ground where he has obviously just dug the bone up.

Anyone willing to take on the challenge as my art skills are naff.....

Needed urgently (or rather needed to start off a project in the next few weeks or so)

Cheers people, I know you wont all let me down

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