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VLook Up - Creating a One to Many relationship between to fi

Posted: Wed May 02, 2012 8:39 pm
by Steve1977
In one File I have a list of products with a product ID.

ID - Product
T02002 T102002
T02003 T102003
T02004 T102004
T02005 T102005
T02006 T102006
T02007 T102007
T02008 T102008
T02009 T102009
T02010 T102010

In another file I have the same product ID with a list of cross references.
T02002 ADC10001
T02002 ADC10002
T02002 ADC10003
T02002 ADC10004
T02002 ADC10005
T02002 ADC10006
T02002 ADC10007
T02002 ADC10008
T02003 ADD10005
T02004 ADG10006
T02005 ADS10007
T02005 ADS10008
T02006 ADT10009
T02007 ADA10010
T02008 ADA10010
T02009 ACC10001
T02010 ACC10002
T02011 ACC10003

Basically what you see is that T02002 has many cross references. Currently when doing a V-Look Up it only shows one cross reference - even when there is more than one.
So my question can I get the V-Look up to work more like an Access Database? If all else fails I'll use Access but the person Im doing this for is more comfortable with using Excel.

Any help is greatfully received!