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Posted: Tue Feb 08, 2011 4:34 pm
by durban
ok so there is no Match engine, but this game is quite fun.

Its based on Real Players and leagues (I have signed up for Gold access which allows me into Gold competitions for about a quid a month).

Basically someone sets up a league, English, French, whatever and you get to grab a club...each league fills up fast so there is a lot of takeup.

In the Gold leagues its worldwide, so a Gold competion has managers managing clubs all over the world, and again the takeup is about 60% humans - so obviously a LOT of people play this game!

im currently manager of Wigan in a Gold League but in a normal league I am manager of Newcastle and have just gone on a huge spending spree!!1

its loads more fun if you have people you know in the leagues of course, so who is going to sign up?

Its quite fun, you play about 3 games a week (basically get the result at 8pm on game day with a brief commentary and stuff like that)

There are loads of things to do etc and it all works quite well.

Anyone fancy joining one of my leagues?